Workout Excuses

How many people do you know that talk endlessly about wanting to change this or that about their workouts or just to START.  The problem is that there are always little reasons that things never get on track.  The big ones you hear are:

-no time, no equipment, too busy, don’t know how, etc.

Everybody can work out.  There are so many things the average person can do just sitting around their apartment.  Do some bodyweight routines.  Use kettlebells.  Go jog or walk outside.  The benefits of exercise are worth the effort.  15 minutes a day is all you need.  A lot of people think that they need to labor in a gym for an hour to get the results.  Diet is a lot more important than exercise when it comes to body shape/type.  Exercise makes everything in your body work better.  Every other animal in the wild moves around a lot every day except for humans.  Most people i talk with that are sticking to an exercise program are reaping the rewards and look forward to it after awhile.   The most important thing is to pick something you like doing and stick with it.  So don’t let your excuses get the better of you.  Get up and move.


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