Slow Down and UNPLUG

This is a post for the working people.  Working in all areas of life.  What kind of diet should i have?  How can i improve my health or fitness?  What clothes, shoes, electronics, movies should i buy?  Do i need to be in school right now?  Maybe i should be sleeping or running that errand to pickup some trash bags at Target.  We are a country of multi-taskers.  This is the way we are taught to operate.  There is a book called “Don’t Miss Your Life,” by Joe Robinson that talks about the “performance identity.”  This is basically the little voice inside your head that tells you it is not ok to relax and just LIVE.

We should ALWAYS be doing something productive.  Doing homework, doing errands, researching ways to improve things, Improving our houses, cleaning our homes and cars.  Don’t get me wrong, I think it is a great thing to want to improve yourself.  The problem a lot of people (myself included) have is that they don’t know when to stop.  Oh, i have free time?  Forget the funny show on t.v. or the relaxing novel on the cozy couch.  I should be getting ahead on my homework.  I should be learning something useful.  I should find new and improved ways to live my life.  We need to learn how to remove ourselves from the “performance identity.”  It is a useful mindset to accomplish things in life but it needs to be balanced out by another mindset.  This is the “living and being” mindset.  This is the realm of leisure, mindless fun, laughter, and genuine experiences.  The difference is that there is no “task” to accomplish or get done.  We live for the experience itself.  In Today’s world of technology that supposedly makes our lives easier, we seem to be more busy than ever.  Personally, it is a goal to detach 1 day every week to just BE.  Watch some looney tunes, read a good book on the couch, take a nap, be silly and smile, call an old friend to catch up, go on a walk to nowhere.  We need to take a minute to think about what we really NEED.  Schedule your life so that you can afford to take a day of R & R.  If you don’t think that you can take 1 day out of your busy week to unwind and relish in living your own life without an “agenda,” i would suggest that it would be a good idea to reconsider your lifestyle.  We are human beings.  We are not meant to constantly try to get better at living.  Sometimes, we are just meant to hold on and enjoy the ride.



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