Right Brain Left Brain

English: Optic nerve pair & two brain hemispheres

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Whose brain are you using today?  More specifically, what side of YOUR brain are you using today?  Different hemispheres of the brain are responsible for different tasks and learning styles.  It is not too difficult to figure out which side of your brain you operate from most often.

The left side is predominately geared towards “problem solving, logic, mathematics, planning, rationality, sequences, etc.”  People that use this side most are people who tend to be “thinkers.”  These are people who use the rational side of the brain to come up with the best solution, figure out the most efficient route, or budget the most effectively.  Areas of life that are dominated by left brain would include mathematics, science, technology, some sciences, and critical problem solving.

The right side is mainly geared towards “intuition, feeling, sensing, randomness, creativity, artistic expression, emotions, etc.”  People that use this side of their brain could be classified as “feelers.”  These are the artists, actors, musicians, debaters, philosophers, and entrepreneurs.  This half of the brain is focused on following your instincts, guts, and emotions.  Areas of life incorporated into left-brain thinking could include the arts, writing, creative business adventures, and holistic-style thinking.

Which side is better?  The “thinkers” might tell you that it is better to be analytical, rational, etc so that you base your life off of science and probabilities to achieve the best outcome.  The “feelers” might try to persuade you that you need to “experience” life through the senses and the emotions and not let all the details bog you down.

So which side is truly better?  My answer is neither and both.  If we want to become balanced people we need to incorporate BOTH sides of the brain.  If you identify yourself as being a feeler, fine.  Spend a little time doing analytical activities.  Read a book on how quantum physics work.  Take an engineering course or learn how vehicles or solar panels operate.  Balance a budget, or do some time management.  These are all things that will sharpen the left brain.  As for the thinkers, you guys need to let go of the analysis, the statistics, the rationality.  Go to a music venue or an art gallery.  Try some creative writing.  Have a philosophical debate with which the only intention is to expand your mind.  Do something creative.  These activities will sharpen the right half of your brain.  So in the end, we need to learn to use both sides of the coin if we want to go through life with a “good head on our shoulders.”



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