Hey guys,

Short one today.  This one’s on priorities.  Everyone has to have some kind of system to deal with priorities.  Our priorities are basically what we give value to and the things that we give importance in our lives.  I think that most people have good intentions when it comes to these, but somewhere along the line, fall off the horse.  Part of growing up is setting priorities for your life.  These are going to be different for different people.  Something that you find extremely important might not be anywhere on my list at all.  Personally, i find that breaking down priorities into categories really helps to be productive.  For example school, work, family, and health are all important to me.  Things that are also important but on a lesser scale are things such as social life, learning new things/hobbies, relaxation time, etc.  Things that don’t matter much to me would be; doing things that are not in my best interest, certain hobbies, watching boring t.v. shows,  and taking out my trash =) .  When you put your priorities in categories it helps to focus on the most important things first.  That way, if you get down the list and something ends up not being done; odds are that it is not very important anyway. Another thing that helps me is starting the day off right.  If i start off the day being productive, i almost always get a lot done.  If i laze around the first half of the day, the odds that i accomplish much the second half or not very good.  What kinds of things do you guys do to help figure out what is important to you and how to get those things organized and done?



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