The Never Regret List

Ok guys, been out of this awhile.  Going through some stuff.  Anyways this post is about something i call the “Never-Regret list.”  How many times do we put things off that we want to get done?  Some common excuses I might give are:

-its too late

-i don’t feel good

-that can wait until tomorrow or another day

The problem is that sometimes these days do not come or all of a sudden a deadline is upon us and we get stressed out about getting something done.  A lot of people make lists to accomplish tasks.  Most of our lives are so complex these days (another post), that we need lists of some kind to organize our productivity throughout the day.  I use lists from time to time when i have a lot of little things to get done.  Eventually, the little things become habitual and you no longer need to put them on your list.  There is, however, a way to cheat on the list.  We put 10 things on the list.  8 We might not mind doing.  2 We deep down don’t really want to start at all.  So we trick ourselves.  We put these on the list but when the end of the day rolls down, we don’t always get these nagging things accomplished.  I have used a little trick i call my “Never Regret List” for quite awhile now, although i can’t say it always works.  Us humans are very good at tricking ourselves.  Anyways, the idea goes like this: Make a list of things that you do on a regular basis that you might not look forward to but that you never regret doing after they are done.  So a sample list of mine might include:

-eating right during the day, getting enough sleep, brushing my teeth, exercising, spending some time alone in prayer/meditation, laughing and fun (whole post on that one), and keeping my apartment clean and stocked, taking care of any schoolwork.

There are several things that i could add to this list but you get the basic idea.  Some of those things might not sound the best at the time, but it’s our own little tricks that often stop us from doing things that we really want to get done.  So my question to you is: What is on your own “Never-Regret List?”



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