How to Lose Weight

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More than anything else in the health and fitness world, this seems to be most people’s biggest priority.  That is people without major health issues.  People try all kinds of things to accomplish this “goal.”  The problem is that most people seem to not want to take simple approaches and instead opt for fancy things like “diet plans” and “fat burning pills” to help them lose the weight very quickly.  The problem is that this isn’t really how it works.  A lot of people try burning off the fat while continuing the very lifestyle that creates it in the first place.  This seems a little counterproductive?  This is a basic, simple approach that works.  Let’s first look at the reason people become overweight in the first place.  The main cause is that people are simply consuming more of certain kinds of calories that their body either A. cannot process or B. does not need.  One of the biggest problems is a lack of nutrition.  Our bodies are designed to function with hundreds of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients.  A long time ago, these were rich in the whole foods diets of our ancestors.  The problem we face now, is that most packaged, processed food people buy in the stores or at restaurants has none of these things in it.  The empty calories are there, but as long as you are missing the nutrition you are going to stay hungry.  Most people are starving for nutrition, not for calories.  So number one is: fix your nutrition.  Opt for a wide variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, good quality meats and eggs, real food.  Once your nutrition is on board, you will naturally stop overeating and craving everything.  The second problem is what i call the “carb shut-off switch.”  There seems to be a mechanism in the human body that sends a stop signal for things like protein.  You are not going to sit down and eat 5 chicken breasts in one sitting.  You may however, eat a whole bag of Cheetos or a bowl of popcorn.  We are basically programmed to crave carbohydrates because our body can store them for later use.  This works well in situations where you may not have enough food to eat or are semi-starving several months over the year.  The problem is that people eat large amounts of these things every day without the ability to burn them off.  These things include breads, pastas, potatoes, rice, corn, etc.  Now i have nothing against having a good sweet potato or potato every now and then but don’t make them a major portion of your calories.  Exercise is number 3.  Obviously we are living things, we are meant to move.  I once heard someone say we are all athletes inside.  I think this is true.  But looking around, you don’t see too many “athletes” past the age of say 25.  The truth is we are supposed to be lean and muscular into old age.  Please don’t fall into the myth of doing endless hours of cardiovascular training.  This is unnecessary.  A balanced program including strength training, stretching, some cardio, and plenty of rest will do the trick.  Remember, whatever muscle you put on is burning fat 24 hours a day.  So basically, we need to keep it simple.  The big 3 are: up the nutrition, cut out the processed foods and excess carbs, and have a balanced exercise program.  This is the true, simple way to effortless weight loss.


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