How do we Get Out?

Human eye

Hey guys,

This will be fairly short today, but the question is: How Do We Get Out?

This could mean a variety of things.  Maybe you are in a bad relationship.  Maybe you have health problems.  Maybe you don’t like your job.  Maybe you want to lose weight.  Maybe you don’t like who you have become.  The possibilities are endless.  So many of us find ourselves in situations we can’t stand and then wonder how we ended up there.  The little decisions we make every day are what add up to these life circumstances most of the time.  Of course there are things that are out of our control.  Accidents happen.  However, if you take a hard, honest look at yourself, you will realize that most of the things in life are created by our attitudes and choices.  I have no doubt that everyone has good intentions.  Everyone wants to be healthy, happy, have good relationships, good career opportunities, be in good shape, whatever.  The problem is what i am coming to term “lack of foresight” that human beings seem to all have in common.  This is why it’s hard to accomplish long-term goals.  Maybe we don’t stick up for ourselves in little things in a relationship.  Maybe we choose that Hot dog over the chicken and vegetables.  Whatever it is.  All of a sudden, we are in a bad relationship or we are way out of shape.  All the little choices add up.  The problem is that it’s often hard to see this because we are very shortsighted as humans.  So i think what everybody wants to know is how to overcome this problem.

The first step to getting out of your problem is to STOP doing the things that are creating it.  I know this is common sense but it evades us a lot of the time.  If you don’t want to end up in a bad relationship, make it clear where you stand from the beginning.  If you are already in a relationship, let your partner know there will be new boundaries.  If you want to lose weight or get healthy, don’t hang around people who are not going to support you in that goal.  Stop buying the junk and opt for cleaner food.  If you smoke, start cutting back.  Just stop doing whatever is causing the problem.

The second step is managing yourself through your transition.  Stopping smoking after years I’m sure is not an easy task.  Don’t beat yourself up.  Take it slow.  If you have friends that eat junk and you start refusing to eat with them there is going to be an adjustment period.  Remember, it usually makes people uncomfortable when you try to better yourself.  It makes a lot of people insecure.    So surround yourself with good people, read some material from people who have shared similar struggles, and take it one step at a time.

The final step is not backsliding.  It is very easy to start a healthy program and start to see results.  It is another thing to continue on the path for the long haul.  We often think it may be ok to go back to our old habits for a while.  Don’t cave in to these temptations.  Keep supporting yourself throughout your transition until whatever you are trying to do becomes a part of who you are and a lifestyle you can maintain.

A lot of bad things in life we either create or allow to happen.  Stop allowing people to make your decisions for you.  Everyone has a choice with what they do with their own life.


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