Adding Color To Your Life









When did color start disappearing from your life?  By color, I don’t just mean color.  I mean the variety, the spice, the differences in your life.  How many of us fall into monotonous routines with every aspect of our life.  We wake up in the morning at the same time.  We eat the same bad cereal for breakfast.  We take the  same thing to work.  Our clothes haven’t changed for years.  Our favorite foods haven’t changed.  Maybe as we have “grown up” we have traded our “childish” reds, oranges, greens, yellows, and blues for more suitable things like black, gray, or tan.  How many people do you know that end up this way?  Children instinctively know not to do this.  They don’t want to eat the same food, go on the same vacation, or wear the same clothes every day.  They realize that they need color and variety in their life.  Part of the system is trading these instincts away for a more drab sense of security in the mundane.  “If it is always the same we can predict what will happen.”  “We will be safer this way.”  “I won’t stand out this way.”  These are a few of the common thought process.  The truth is that we are made to have color in our life. We are made to want variety and adventure.  Take a little extra time and create something new.   We all spend too much time thinking of what other people will think and not expressing what we want.  Don’t feel like the norm today?  Here are some suggestions for adding a little color into your life.

-Find a new recipe you have never made or try a new food you have never had before

-Buy a shirt or a pair of shoes that is completely uncharacteristic of what you SHOULD buy to match who you think you are

-Read a book or watch a movie that isn’t normally on your scope

-Go do something fun.  Play mini golf, go bowling, to to a  late movie, go go-karting

-Compliment people who are not afraid to add color into their life

Bottom line is: We live in a colorful, crazy world.  If we want to have full, meaningful lives, we need to stop playing it safe with what we know.  Life is too short to set up shop in the same town, listen to the same music, and have the same job your whole life.  People will say, “oh, those are just the things i like.”  I would say, “are they really the things you like, or just the things your comfortable with.”  Get out of your comfort zone and you will be surprised at how the world reacts.



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