Cooking Methods and Raw Foods


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To Cook or not to cook.  That seems like a never-ending question in the health field.  I’m not going to go into the details too much but the story basically looks like this.  Raw foods have enzymes that help your body process the nutrition.  These enzymes are destroyed over a temperature of around 118 degrees.  These are “living” foods.  When you cook something, the foods are no longer “alive.”  However, certain foods are not easily digested by humans.  These include fibrous vegetables, some raw nuts, starchy tubers, and grains.  Cooking creates a substance that is easier for your system to absorb.  So what is the lesson?  There are ups and downs to both sides and people need to decide what works for them.  If your system can tolerate large amounts of raw vegetables and raw soaked nuts, great.  If not, that’s ok too.  We have been cooking food for thousands and thousands of years.  Looking at previous societies, most cooked some of their foods.  Here is the catch.  They “cooked” their food vastly different than we do today.  They also ate fermented foods rich in enzymes and probiotic bacteria to help break down the food and supply their bodies with enzymes.  How are we to cook our food then?  Think low and slow.  Don’t every fry your food.  This destroys the food and your body.  Think crock pots, light steaming, roasting, baking; things like that.  If you are using oils or fats, its best to eat them raw and apply them after you are done cooking.  Generally, fats do not need to be cooked to be digested by humans.  When preparing meat, it is best to cook for a long time on low heat and eat rare if the meat is of high quality.  Some may do well on raw animal proteins or raw milk.  Heavily cooked and fried meats are some of the hardest things for humans to digest.  So use common sense with your body.  Eat plenty of fermented foods (another post) to make up for enzymes.  Cook your food slowly.  And last but not least, do not fall into any dietary dogmas that insist on doing 100% one way or another.  Listen to your own body and let what you eat evolve with you.



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