Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

alarm clock, bought from IKEA



“Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone” – Neale Walsh






The alarm clock goes off at 7 AM.  The same time it always does.  We rush to eat a quick breakfast and cup of coffee and we are out the door.  Our job is basically the same as it always is.  We eat the same things for lunch.  Our friends end up being people just like us.  We live in the same place for years and rarely go on vacation.  We wear the same clothes and have the same hobbies.  Maybe your friends know you as the “outdoors” type or the “artistic” type, a “sports girl” or whatever.  We all have these personas created that we THINK will fall apart if we step outside of that box.  The truth is that we need to step out of that box.  Life is not that long.  We need to engage in different things.  If you are the outdoor type, maybe take up something like reading physics or learning how to draw or sculpt.  If you are an artistic type, drop the pad and paper and get outside.  If you are a book-worm, do something with what you read about.  The possibilities are endless.  The point here is not that any job, hobby, clothing, or food is inherently bad.  The point is that a lot of people end up letting routine ruin the variety in life.  One thing i have a hard time with is music.  I listen to a lot of rock music… and not much else.  I miss out on a lot of amazing music this way.  I think the ultimate goal here is to become a well-rounded kind of person.  When we are one-dimensional we are boring and have trouble seeing things from other people’s perspectives.  This is not what we need in the world.  We need people to take up new hobbies, go out of their comfort zones, and try new things that they may or may not like.  If you learn how to grow your own vegetables and hate it, then don’t do it.  At least you will have tried it.  There are so many things we can get into that are relatively inexpensive and don’t take much time.  The possibilities are limitless but here are a few of the top.

-Learn how to play a new instrument.  If you know how to play, pick it back up

-Create new food recipes with food you haven’t tried before.  Don’t eat the same stuff every day

-Take up some form of art.  Maybe this is DJ for music, sculpting, painting, whatever.

-Learn about politics.  There is a lot of problems going on that need a lot of help here.

-Take up a spiritual practice such as meditation, bible study, etc.

-If you are not active in sports or at a gym, START

-If you are a gym rat, get out and do something more mellow

Use your imagination here.  If someone asks you to go to a country music concert and you don’t THINK you like it.  Go.  You might change your mind.  Let me know what new things you guys decide to try.





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