What is Your Wavelength?


Standing electomagnetic waves in a box. Waves ...











What is your wavelength today?  What was it yesterday?  Last year?

There are a few simple rules in place in life.  One of them is that you tend to attract into your life what you are putting out.  Nature always seeks balance.  We have people “striving” for better relationships, better jobs, better health, etc, but a lot of the time we think that it is about looking outside of ourselves to find these things.  While it is a good thing to look around, sometimes a more productive way is to start by changing ourselves.  A big obstacle to this is fear.  Fear from ourselves and fears from others.  Say somebody is used to hanging out with people who eat pizza and burgers all week.  If this person decides to change it up and start eating right and going to the gym, the friends might not be so happy about it.  They may joke about you or try to get you to stay in your old ways with them.  These are WAVELENGTHS.  What is happening is by consciously choosing to change yourself from the inside you are changing your own wavelength.  Every living thing has the ability to tap into these frequencies and your friends will be aware of it too.  This is why friends can usually tell when something is wrong or when you have entered a new relationship or when you are happy.  Now don’t get me wrong, i believe at the core of people, we all want what is best for everybody.  However, a lot of people have a hard time getting past the fear.  When we start changing ourselves, it forces everybody around us to see themselves in a different light.  As for your friends eating pizza and burgers, they don’t like this.  They may see you getting more attention from girls.  They may see you having more energy to go on to get a promotion at work, move to a nicer place, or start a family.  This brings out insecurities in them.  So wavelengths recognize other wavelengths.  In my opinion, this is where most people get stuck at.  Consciously or unconsciously, our friends, family, or society itself may not feel comfortable with the changes that are taking place within us.  If you grew up in America, odds are that you feel a deep need to please other people and not go outside of the bubble placed around you.  Your approval does not come from within, it comes from without.  So naturally, if we want approval, we shouldn’t step outside the bounds that are surroundings dictate right?  From my view, this is completely backwards.  We are all given strengths and weaknesses to work with.  Life is not about blending into your surroundings hoping for a somewhat “normal,” “comfortable” life.  It is about listening to that little voice that tells you where to go and what to do.  When you work on changing your wavelength, do not listen to the resistance.  There is almost always resistance to change, and we can’t let that keep us from evolving.

So in the end, everything seeks to find balance.  If you want a healthy, fun, vibrant relationship; become that person.  If you want that new job, start working for it like you want it.  Don’t feel that you “deserve” it.  Start thinking a little bit bigger and not just sitting around and hoping that things will come your way.  Things come our way when we open up and allow them to.  So looking at your wavelength, ask yourself, what do you want to change?




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