The Human Plug IN’s

Wall Plug



What charges you up?  I always like to refer to the human body like any other electric device.  It needs to be regularly charged in order to stay healthy, have good performance, and not die =)  When i leave my cellphone off it’s charger for too long it gives me a warning signal that it needs to be charged.  If i ignore these signals long enough, the phone eventually dies.  The cool thing is that no matter how close it is to dying, by plugging it into my outlet, it charges right back up.  Obviously humans are a LITTLE bit more complex than cellphones, but the main concept is the same.  We are electrical beings (ever get shocked?), and we need to charge ourselves.  So how do we do this?

Most people think that they get their charge from their food.  This is a sad thing considering that a lot of people (especially in America) eat food that is void of much life-energy whatsoever.  If it’s in a box, can, or bag and it’s not a whole grain or a nut, its basically a dead, processed food.  What is a dead food?  This just means that your body USES its own energy (charge) to process this food and turn it into something useful for you.  Ok, so obviously eating food as close to the way nature brings it is best right?  Think real foods.  Fresh fruits and vegetables, raw soaked nuts and seeds, good quality meats, avocado, olive oil, maybe a little raw milk, butter, or eggs.  These foods are alive and GIVE charge to your system.  Drink a large glass of freshly pressed vegetable juice if you don’t believe me.  But is food the only source that we can get a charge from?

The answer is a BIG no.  The majority of plants use 3 main elements to get their charge, and they don’t even have to work for it.  When you digest food (especially heavy food), your body has to obviously digest that food which takes energy away.  So how do plants do this?  They are almost constantly “plugged in” to their environment.  They primarily use 4 elements that a lot of us seem to have forgotten. These are clean air, clean water, sunlight and “grounding.”  Everything on this planet ultimately gets its source of energy from sunlight. So how do we use this in our own lives?

Humans are not plants.  However, we evolved over thousands of years on this planet getting sun on our skin, fresh air in our lungs, our feet connected with the earth, and clean water in our systems.  All of these elements are ways to “charge” your bodies electrical system.  A walk on the beach is a good example of most of these in action.  Ever notice you feel pretty good after walking barefoot at a beach on a sunny day?  So what can we learn from all of this?  All of the elements that we draw life energy from are important.  Food is important. But so is sun on our skin, fresh air, clean water, and a connection with the earth.  I will have another post soon on “grounding,” which is a relatively unknown topic.  Grounding is basically connecting your bare feet to the dirt or grass.  This grounds you to the earths electrical system and discharges any static/wireless energy in your body.  It also gives you energy directly from the planet that has antioxidant and healing properties.  But thats for another day.  So how do we accomplish this?  We don’t need to do a lot.  One of the easiest ways to get your daily dose of “charge” is to sit outside for 20-30 minutes a day.  Sit with your feet in the grass, soak in some sun and air, and breath deep.  Read a book, surf the web, whatever it is that you do.  Our bodies were designed to be plugged in to our environment daily.  We would all feel dramatically better if we did this on a regular basis.  So are you plugged in?



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