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We are a country obsessed with FAT right?  Over half of our population is overweight or obese.  We are told to eat “low-fat” foods because they will help us to lose weight right?  This is not necessarily good advice.  Fat is not the bad guy in the food that we have made it out to be.  Good fat that is.  Think of foods like avocados, lightly cooked meats, raw nuts, eggs, raw dairy (if tolerated), raw butter, olive/coconut oils, fatty fish, etc.  These are perfectly normal foods that humans have been eating for a very long time.  What are bad fats?  These usually include everything manmade (funny how that works?).  These would include any high-heated vegetable oils (canola, safflower, soybean, corn, etc).  This also includes any kind of pasteurized dairy products.  Any kinds of fried foods would also fit in this category.  The fats off of factory-farmed animals is also not great.  So i would say this is the first problem.  We are eating these new-fangled fats that are bodies have not evolved with and do not process well if at all.  So if we are not supposed to eat fats, how else do we gain weight?  There are so many people on “low-fat” diets that have huge weight problems.  This doesn’t make any sense right?  The big answer: Excess processed carbohydrates and sugars

We are obsessed with carbohydrates and sugars in this country.  Think of things like soda pop, pop tarts, candies, pastries, pizzas, donuts, cereals, pastas, sandwiches, granolas, sugar-loaded coffees.  The list is more or less endless.  These grain-based carbohydrates are supposed to be the base of our diet right?  The human body can only process so much energy at one time.  If you eat more carbohydrates than your energy requirements, they will be stored as fat.  Either that, or they will just clog up your system in the long run.  This is an unfortunate survival mechanism.  A long time ago, I’m sure it served a purpose.  It was normal to want to put on a few extra pounds in case of famines or times when you couldn’t get food for awhile.  Most people here are extremely overfed.  It is harder to overeat on proteins and good fats.  And where carbohydrates in nature come with a lot of dense fiber to fill you up, the ones we consume have been stripped of that fiber making it easy to consume massive amounts of food we don’t need.

So to finish up, we need to shift the way we think.  If you are trying to lose weight or wonder why the “food pyramid” doesn’t work so well, try cutting out the processed carbohydrates, sugars, and bad fats from your diet.  Your body really doesn’t want these things, i promise.  Switch them out for more carbs from fresh fruits and vegetables and get your good fat from the aforementioned lists.



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