Acid Vs. Alkaline?



pH scale showing common substances


This is a somewhat complex topic of which i will only skim the surface.  There is a growing principle in the health and fitness world that talks about your PH balance.  Remember science class in school?  Your PH balance usually refers to the level of your blood PH.  People also test their saliva and urine.   So the basics say that your blood PH will almost always stay in a vital range around 7.3.  This is critical to your life and appears to be maintained at all costs.  The problem is that blood does not always represent the tissues, saliva, urine, organs, etc.  Excess acid is always trying to get out of your system.  So there are a few controversial theories out there regarding what causes people to become overly acidic.  I’ll outline a few of the common ones and why they aren’t always true for everybody.

1.  The foods that are acid-forming in your body tend to be meats, dairy, eggs, grains, most nuts, and beans.  The alkaline forming foods tend to be fruits/vegetables.  Raw are even more alkaline.  The problem here is that it’s never really as simple as it appears.  The quality of the meat as well as the cooking method make foods a lot less acidic.  When people live in cold climates and do a lot of intense physical exercise they also BURN off more “acidic” foods.  The main issue is that people (primarily in America) are eating way too much heavily cooked, fried, processed, acidic foods.  There is a misconception when people think that meat or eggs are bad foods.  We just eat them incorrectly.  Note that some foods like lemons, tomatoes, etc are acidic in nature but help the body cleanse which overall has an alkalizing effect on the body.

2.  The proportion in people’s diet should always be the same.  For instance, Edgar Cayce came up with the 80/20 rule awhile back.  He also said that for people who are hard physical laborers this could be completely reversed.  If i live in Alaska working outside, the proportion of “acidic” foods will be far greater and it will be healthy for me to do so.  If i live in South America or somewhere very hot I will need a higher proportion of “alkaline” foods to achieve that balance.

3.  Most diseases thrive in an acidic environment.  I think this is true as our bodies accumulate more and more stuff that they can’t get rid of.  These come in the forms of fried foods, cheese, and heavy food that our bodies cannot digest and eliminate.  Not to mention most people have nutritional deficiencies that make detoxing the body a lot harder than it should be.

Overall, the most important thing to remember is that there is no one-size fits all when it comes to people’s health.  I think that most americans eat far too much heavily cooked meats, starches, and fried foods, cereals, pasteurized dairy, granola, etc.  It is possible to become too alkaline as well.  But this very rarely happens.  So what do we do about it?  If you want, you can go to your local health food store and pick up some PH testing strips.  These will test your saliva or urine so that you can find out where you really are on the spectrum.  Tips to increase your PH levels would include eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, drinking more quality water, getting more fresh air, exercising outside, sleeping well at night, deep breathing; basically things that are good for your system and help flush that excess acidity out. =)  Any questions let me know.



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