Kidney Security

Kidney Security (Photo credit: Wm Jas)


Detox seems to be the new craze.  Juice fasting, cleansing, colonics, herbs, where do we begin?

Detoxification is something that our bodies try to do on a regular basis.  We have 5 systems to eliminate toxins.  These are the skin, lungs, liver, kidneys, and bowels.  So a thousand years ago, we took in fresh air, sweat a lot, ate good food, and our systems stayed clean.  What is happening today?  People are becoming overloaded with toxins from their diets and environments.  Henry Bieler was a medical doctor treating patients primarily with food and natural cures.  He found that the average American’s liver was twice the normal size.  If you think of “diseases” that affect the organs of elimination (liver, kidneys, colon, bowel, skin, lungs) does this ring any bells?  Then add in disorders that are affecting the blood, lymph, heart, and other areas affected by poisoned blood?  Brain disorders.  It all usually has an element of toxins in the body that just can’t get out.  So what are the main problems here?

1. People are simply taking in too many toxins.  These include anything from processed foods, alcohols, chemicals, lotions, sunscreens, car fumes, air fresheners, you name it.

2.  The second problem is that your organs of elimination need specific nutrients to perform their functions.  For instance, you may be missing some vitamins or minerals and your liver will not be able to shuttle these things out of your body.

So what is the end result?  After years of doing this to ourselves, our livers and kidneys develop stones, our colons and bowels get clogged up, and we end up with a lot of allergies, skin problems, foggy brain, etc.  The worst of the food offenders are heavily processed pasteurized dairy products, fried foods, excess starches we can’t burn up, etc.

This is a very complex topic that would need several posts to fully explain, however there are some simple tips I can give on how to get started.

1. STOP putting the junk in.  Eat whole foods, breathe fresh air, use natural soaps, lotions, sunscreens, toothpaste, etc.  Everything you put on your skin is absorbed into your body.  Try to cut down on the drinking and smoking.  Try to eliminate the worst offenders in the diet.

2. Start adding in high-quality nutrition and things your body can use.  These include fresh fruits/veggies, and high quality proteins/fats.  This will start building you a nutrient base that your body can work with for performing cleaning.

3. Herbal preparations.  This is a very basic, inexpensive step you can take.  There are herbs that can help your bowel, liver, and kidneys running like they should.  You don’t need anything fancy.

4. Advanced.  Things in the advanced categories i would not recommend unless steps 1-3 have already been implemented.  These could be used under supervision in cases of advanced “disease.”  These are things such as enemas, liver flushing, “cleanses”, fasting, etc.


So in all, the big thing here is to not put the toxins in in the first place.  Also, eat nutrient dense food to keep your system full with what it wants.  After that, differenct strategies can be used to help clean out the gunk that is already there.  And trust me, if you live in America and eat a “normal” diet, odds are pretty high that its there.  Let me know if you have any questions.




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