Facing the Music



A grand piano with music


You just got a divorce.  You are 100 pounds overweight and just diagnosed with diabetes or heart disease.  The country and economy are in horrible shape.  A friendship fails.  There is a death in the family.  You got abused.  You come down with a life threatening illness.  Your business fails.  You are in serious financial debt.  These are all terrible circumstances that happen to people every day.  Unfortunately, some of this is just the nature of life.  Some of it is created by us, some of it not.  These are harsh realities in life, but they are a part of life.  The interesting thing is that you don’t really hear about this stuff all too often.  You know that it happens, you see the news, you see the statistics.  But most people seem very private about their lives.  Many of us are so afraid of these circumstances that we do not come to terms and accept them for what they are.  We are taught to avoid pain and to not face up to it.  In my view, this is not a good way to live our lives.  You need to accept what the problem is before you can start working on a solution.  We are falling more and more into debt and disillusion in this country but we don’t seem to want to look at why.  We get a divorce and don’t want to accept the realities and just try the best we can to move forward with our lives.  Maybe a daughter gets abused by her father.  This is painful stuff, but at some point we need to “face the music.”  This is not an easy task, but i fully believe that in order to really solve the problem and better your life, you need to come to terms with things just as they are.  This does not mean liking them.  This does not mean wanting them to keep happening.  It just means taking a good hard look at them for what they are and NOT running or distracting yourself.  Develop a spiritual practice, get some counseling, talk with friends, keep a journal, whatever helps you to look at things how they are.  Once we look at things with truth we can start to develop plans to change things.  How many times have you heard sad stories?  This person never was the same after that abuse, divorce, illness, etc.  This does not have to be the case.  The problem is that we truly need to DEAL WITH our issues if we want to move past them.  Otherwise, you are not really living your life, you are living in the past.  As long as your past is unresolved, it will always haunt you because it wants to be resolved!  We can run and fight and kick and scream the whole way, but you can’t outrun your problems.  In the end, they are with you.  They are part of you.  You cannot run away from yourself no matter how fast or far you go.  This is not an easy process, especially in a country that teaches us to always keep the illusion of a happy life at all times.  Its not easy for people to be vulnerable because they don’t think that they can.  I believe this country was founded on taking a stand on the hard issues.  These were the ones we went directly towards because we knew they were the ones that really made a difference in peoples lives.  So many people are out of touch with who they are emotionally and spiritually.  We often live robotically on the physical plane.  A lot of us have gotten programmed to think that what is in your heart, gut, and spirit are not important.  These are the MOST important.  We will never be happy, healthy, sane, or at peace without caring for these parts of ourselves.  So when something bad happens, or there is some situation that seems overwhelming, don’t attempt to run or hide from it, or put it aside for “tomorrow” or “next week.”  Obviously the idea is not to overwhelm yourself. Remember the story of the Turtle and the Rabbit.  Going slow and steady will get the job done.  You will find that dealing with your issues causes you to live a lot more appreciative, conscious life.  You will also find that not dealing with things will lead to confusion, numbness, and a general depressed attitude towards life.  So my advice to you is to Face The Music!




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