Local Foods and Intuitive Body Wisdom

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How’s that grass-fed beef, chicken, and eggs from Indiana?  The oranges from florida?  Avocados and berries?  Coconuts from the tropics?  Maybe some deep-ocean fish?  Food does not grow the same in every part of the world.

The more i get into it, the more i realize how “unusual” our existence on this planet currently is.  In America, we are a blend of all races, cultures, creeds, religions, and genetics.  We come from Africa, South America, Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.  Some peoples have been living healthfully for years consuming a high level of meat products in colder regions.  Some people have been living primarily as vegetarians (not vegans) for generations in relatively warm climates or in the tropics.  If you send someone to Alaska and have them work outside in the cold, a vegetarian diet will probably not seem the best.  Likewise, people in california, florida, or more tropical climates usually feel overburdened by too much meat in the diet because of the heat.  So what is the funny thing here?  Nature provides these foods for us.  A polar bear will not survive in the desert.  So what is the human problem?

We have been so successful with our technology, mobility, and adaptability that we no longer are restrained to live where we evolved.  Now i have no idea exactly where humans initially evolved from but I do know that over the years we have had time to develop different genetic lines that seem to do better with some foods and less well with others.  Northern Europeans tend to tolerate dairy products where Asians do not.  Indian and Asian people often seem to do better on semi-vegetarian diets where Native American Indians do quite well with wild-caught meats.  This is not to say we can’t alter these things.

So what do we do here?  We are all genetic blends here.  We are not pure-blooded anything.  Maybe you are an Asian -American born in America.  Maybe you are an African that moved to Alaska.  Whatever the case is, you need to find out what food works for you.  In my opinion, the climate and the local foods of the region are an excellent place to start.  Think about it.  In a hot Indiana summer, there is an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables around.  In the winter, root vegetables and heavier foods like meat, eggs, and butter sound very appealing.  In the tropics there is an array of fresh sweet fruits.  So living with the seasons and eating as much local food as you can is a good place to begin.  However, I will note that we do not live outdoors anymore.  We do not exercise much anymore.  These variables all take into account what you will feel best eating.  So don’t listen to some guy that lives 1000 miles away from you on what you should be eating.  I think there are a few general guidelines to help figure out what YOUR body likes.

1. Eat real whole-foods.  Get rid of the processed junk.

2. Eat local as much as possible

3. Listen to your body.  It will tell you how it feels with any given foods.

4. Don’t be afraid to change your eating habits with activity levels.  If i move furniture all day, i will probably eat a lot more heavy foods than if i sit inside all day


The blessing of being a human is that we really can live on almost anything, assuming it is real food.  I can’t think of any other animal that has as wide of a scope when it comes to eating.  So use your common sense, don’t eat things that don’t agree with you, and try to implement some more local food into your everyday life.




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