Remove yourself from “Health Land”

English: A Burger King bacon cheeseburger.



It is a great thing to want to be healthy.  It is a great thing to want to be in amazing shape and to have everything going for you.  However, often we lose sight of where we really are on the health train.  So often it seems, people end up learning more about health and fitness for all the right reasons.  They want to regain their lives, get more energy, get in shape, whatever it may be.  Somehow though, along the way, they get caught up in the “health land trap.”  This is the trap of infinite online resources and countless “expert opinions” on what is the best way to do things.  Maybe we should be on a low carb diet and strength train a lot.  Maybe we should eat a lot of fruit?  No, because it has too much sugar.  It can get to the point where we don’t listen to our bodies anymore but instead get so caught up in it that we never really feel “right” eating anything anymore.  I will tell you one thing for sure.  There is hardly anything you can put in your body that somebody won’t have something bad to say about.  Meat is bad for you.  Cooked food is bad for you.  Raw food is bad for you.  Fruit is bad for you.  Fruit is good for you.  Is this all really possible?  If you don’t have serious health challenges, just follow the basics.

Eat a whole foods based diet preferably local.  Soak your nuts/grains if you eat those.  Get rid of the processed foods. Fresh.

Ok. So how do you remove yourself from health land?  I promise you will NEVER dig through all of the information out there.  It is just too much.  So what can we do?  I accidently came across a unique way to feel a hell of a lot better about it all. With all the time you take learning and researching the best new diets, exercise plans, foods, etc, put a little bit of time into looking at what OTHER PEOPLE are doing.


Look up unhealthy meals and lifestyles.  Look up obesity rates.  You will find things like Burger King’s new “bacon sundae.” Or Texas Roadhouse’s 2000 calorie sticky cheese fries.  Afraid of the sugar in that piece of fruit?  Look into some of the decadent desserts people are making in this country.  It will completely shock you.  You will realize that that fruit isn’t so bad.  Now i wouldn’t recommend spending too much time doing this because it can be somewhat depressing to see what our country has become in this area but just enough time so that you take a deep breath and regain a sense of normality with your own life.  Start looking at food again as nourishment and good for you instead of something you need to keep a strict and careful eye on.  Of course this extends to other areas besides food, but it seems that this is the main one people get trapped in.

So do yourself a favor, remove yourself from health land.  Realize that you are doing amazing things for yourself and cut yourself a little more slack when you fall off the wagon.  Never before have we lived in a society with this degree of obesity and “disease,” but just look at how much our bodies put up with before they get that way?  If you eat healthy 95% of the time, don’t be afraid of eating that dessert your mom made or that heavy meat dish your friends cooked at the Tailgate.  Just follow what your body wants and realize that it really is OK.



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