Self Acceptance VS. Proving Yourself

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Do you accept yourself unconditionally?  This is a complex topic that most of us in the west can relate with well.  Growing up, society has basically taught us that we can only accept ourselves when we are doing more.  Getting a nicer job, a better car, a better body, and fancier toys.  We are basically taught that our acceptance or “identity” does not come from somewhere within us but that it comes from other people’s opinions of us.  This is why you have so many people running around showing off, talking about their new flat screen TV, or bodybuilders that go to ridiculous lengths just to get that “perfect size or shape.”  Now maybe some of this stuff is a passion for you and I don’t have a problem with that.  I think cars and bikes are cool and having some especially to tinker with would be a blast.  Maybe i love exercise and i like being fit enough to do that.  That is fine.  It’s when it turns from something you personally enjoy to something that you feel like you “have to do,” or something society “thinks” you should do.  You may find that half of the time you are just doing things because you feel pressured to do it.  Do you really want to shove down that extra burger or loaded cheese fries just to prove you can eat a lot?  Do you girls really need those 200 dollar shoes or 400 dollar designer purse?  It doesn’t take much to see that all of this stuff has no real survival value.  It’s just material things that help us feel better about our “place” in life.  And we are supposed to basically stay in this rat race our whole lives accumulating and bettering our place in the world.  I could rant about this all day probably but the main point is to look at your motivation for doing things.  Maybe you don’t feel so hot one night but your buddy’s call you a “little girl” or whatever because you don’t want to go out to the bar that night.  Don’t be the guy who caves in just to feel accepted.  Don’t be the girl who buys all this fancy stuff so she thinks it will help her land the right guy or feel good about herself.  Do we really want to be in relationships with people who choose us for our material success?  Sad to say, but if i drive down the road in a brand new dodge viper, Camaro, or big new truck, there will be flocks of girls.  But do i really want those girls that see the vehicle?  I don’t.  So I just ask you, when your making decisions in life, where do they come from?  What are your motivations?  Are they to please other people or are they to please yourself.  And what you will find is that the more you work on accepting yourself and doing what you want, a huge weight will come off your chest.  A lot of us spend a ton of our lives energy into impressing other people.  This is no way to live.  So be yourself, do what you want to do, and don’t let what anybody thinks get in the way of that.







One thought on “Self Acceptance VS. Proving Yourself

  1. This is so very true–“We are basically taught that our acceptance or “identity” does not come from somewhere within us but that it comes from other people’s opinions of us.” It made me stop and examine if I’m looking to others for acceptance too…

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