Chakra Food Series: 1st Chakra

The series continues with the 1st or “Root” Chakra.  This is your lowest chakra and is most related to the physical world.  This is our grounding, our connection to the planet.  This is the most basic stuff and the first to form.  The issues related here involve things having to do with our connection to our families, the birth process itself, how safe we feel in our environment, and our physical energy.  Related organs could include adrenal glands, spinal column, bones, and kidneys.  This chakra has the color red and is located near your tailbone.

So how do we feed and fuel this chakra?  Well you can feed it through food and you can feed it energetically.  Ultimately, the energetic work needs to be done to achieve lasting flow through this area but food can help a lot to get it moving.  So energetically, we need to work on our “grounding,” safety, security, finances, our ability to provide for ourselves and our families, and our relationship to our family and the Earth itself.  Techniques you may use to help aid you here are literally “grounding” yourself to the earth.  This just means walking barefoot or sitting with your feet in the grass.  This helps connect you physically to the electric energy of the planet.  If you stress out about money or food, really try to not spend money on things you don’t need.  This will create stress with you and your family.  Just try to make sure you live in a carefree, peaceful environment.  Also, work out any family conflicts or birth traumas that may have happened to you.  Basically, the whole point is to make your body, mind, and spirit feel safe and secure in the world so that your higher chakras can function.  You are not thinking about sex, God, love, or much of anything else when you are running for your life =)

So on to fun part.  How do we feed this chakra through food?

The “Root” chakra and the color red are the basics here.  So the foods to fuel this area include root vegetables and red foods.  Protein is also considered very grounding.  Think comfort food.  This is why people emotionally eat sometimes.  We like to “ground” ourselves out and feel more dense if something is wrong.  Here is a list of foods you might consume if you want to feel more grounded.

PLANT FOODS: Beets, sweet potatoes, potatoes, parsnips, turnips, carrots, rutabaga, winter squash, cherries and red apples.  Plant protein foods could include raw soaked nuts.  Things like walnuts, almonds, brazil nuts are very dense and grounding.

ANIMAL FOODS: Red meat is especially grounding.  Bison, beef, lamb.  Also dark meat turkey, chicken and maybe eggs.  Light meat and fish is not as grounding as the heavier stuff.  Pork would be extremely grounding although I personally don’t believe pork is a very good food for most people.

So what did i pick to do today for the red stuff?  It is early summer where I live and I’m working on some detox right now so I decided to do some juiced beets, a little red apple, celery, and maybe some dandelion leaves.  All these will help with detoxification, especially the liver.  Photo up top. Enjoy.



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