Chakra Food Series: 2nd Chakra

The saga continues.  Today is about the 2nd chakra.

This is generally the center for emotions, feelings, and sensuality.  This area governs things such as emotional relationships, intimacy, opening up to others about what is really going on with you.  It also has to do with what I am beginning to call “the colors of life.”  This is about the sweetness in life.  Think about your 5 senses.  Taste, smell, touch, sight and hearing.  Most American’s have problems with this chakra as well.  We are out of touch with what is really going on inside ourselves a lot of the time.  The related color here is orange and some organs/glands related may include sex organs, bladder, spleen, and organs of elimination.  So how do we feed it?

On an energetic level we can feed our 2nd Chakra by being more open to receiving the sensory pleasures in life.  Try going to an art gallery or listening to a classic piece of music.  Make some really appetizing food that looks, smells, and tastes amazing.  Stop being so one-dimensional.  Get out of the “comfort bubble.”  If you wear grey and black all the time and that is it, get something red or yellow next time.  This center is all about embracing the “color” and “sweetness” in life.  We have energetically resigned to living out only a tiny fraction of life.  So create something new and exciting in your life to feed this area.  Also, make sure to feel gratitude for the simple things in your life that are colorful and sweet.  This might include just enjoying your family, friends, spouse, or soaking up some sun in your backyard.  Stop looking at what you DON’T have and start looking at what you DO have.

Ok, so enough about that, on to the food.  How do we nourish this energy center.  We need something colorful, fluid and sweet.  I bet some of you can already guess.

PLANT FOODS: FRUIT. Particularly orange and tropical fruits.  Oranges, peaches, papaya, bananas, mangos, coconut water is very good, water in general, berries. Vegetables might include carrots, sweet potatoes, and pumpkins. More dense options would include nuts or healthy oils.

ANIMAL FOODS: Animal foods are not particularly helpful here but things such as salmon, sardines, and other fish are good options.  Think of things living in the water or having a very fluid persona.

Now personally, I don’t do well with too much sweet fruits.  You have to see what your own body wants.  Obviously, don’t sit down to eat a whole bunch of bananas.  This is more about ENJOYING the sweetness and taste in your own life.  Fruits are some of nature’s tastiest snacks.  If you are sugar sensitive, try favoring berries, cherries, coconut meat and water.  Other than that, enjoy the color in your life and focus on what is exciting.  Life is too short not to open yourself up to the beauty all around. Enjoy.



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