Chakra Food Series: 3rd Chakra

This is #3 in a 7 part series discussing some of the foods you can use to fuel the different energy centers in your body.  In the future, I will do more about the functions of these chakras and how to utilize and heal them energetically.  But for now we will just go over the basics and the different foods you can use to bring energy to these systems.

So what is the 3rd chakra all about?  This is the center for self-esteem, perfection, sensitivity to criticism, personal power, and feeling comfortable with who you are.  It is damaged when we don’t accept ourselves for who we are or put too much credence to what other people think about us. It is also damaged when we feel powerless in our own lives or controlled by situations out of our control.  The 3rd chakra is the color yellow and is located in your solar plexus area of your stomach.  As such, it helps control digestion and metabolism.  This is why you see people crossing their arms over their stomach when they are feeling nervous or defensive.  This is obviously just an overview, now on to the food =)

Ok.  So now that we know a little bit about the 3rd chakra, what types of foods do we use to feed it?  Well continuing with the color yellow, these are some of the best foods for this chakra.  This is the “fire” center or sun type energy in the body.  So the foods we feed it have these similar qualities.  Yellow and energetic.  This is not a center for sugar but of starch or substance.

Foods included on this list would be squashes (especially yellow), olive oil, yellow onions, garlic, properly prepared grains (especially rice), cauliflower, parsnips and lemons. Animal foods would include egg yolks, butter, light turkey and chicken.  These are foods that will help feed your 3rd chakra.  During the course of this series I will be preparing a recipe that utilizes some of these.

Today was: Yellow squash with heirloom yellow cauliflower from the market.  This has a pat of homemade raw butter on it and a little sea salt.  Photo up top. Enjoy.



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