Chakra Food Series: 4th Chakra

On we go.  The 4th chakra is linked with the color green and is representative of your “Heart.”  Some will argue this is the most powerful chakra.  Others, that it is just the key to opening up all the other chakras.  This is the center for love, forgiveness, compassion and caring.  This applies towards yourself, other people, and the larger world.  The glands related to this area obviously involve the heart, but also the immune system, lymph, and lungs.  Is it a coincidence that we have a lot of heart disease, immune system problems, lung disease, etc in America?  Sure it is caused to poor lifestyle choices also, but how many people do you know who are unconditionally loving and living honestly?  People that have dealt with their issues?

Ok, so how do we feed this chakra energetically?  As this spot represents love and forgiveness, these are the two main things we need to work on.  This means keeping an open and honest mind and heart, practicing kindness and compassion, and letting go of past hurts.  Now sometimes we need to go back in the past to heal the present and the future.  If you had a traumatic childhood, abusive relationship, bad divorce, or an unexpected death in the family, you may need to go back and face up to those events and the feelings involved so that you can move forward.  If you do not forgive (yourself, people, God) for what has happened in your life it will be very hard to move forward and to open up this chakra.  I think this is why a lot of people just end up “shut-down” emotionally, because they have been wounded in their heart chakra and have yet to open it back up again.  This chakra has the power to open up all the other chakras as “Love heals all.”  This does not mean it is not important to work on the others, it just means that sometimes there are blocks in other areas of your life that require unconditional love and an open heart to unlock.  Without that love and acceptance of whatever happened or is happening, you will not be able to fully change.

Ok, enough about that.  On to the Food.  This chakra is green and represents love.  How do we feed it?  The short answer is GREEN vegetables.  You know, the ones everyone says are good for you?  They are rich in chlorophyll and a fairly direct energy transfer from the sun.  This, more than any other category is probably deficient in the average American diet.

PLANT FOODS: All leafy green vegetables.  Spinach, kale, collard, dandelion, broccoli, brussels sprouts, zucchini, artichokes, peas, celery, and cabbage.  Spices may include basil, thyme, and sage.  More concentrated foods would be avocados, olives, and olive oil.  Green tea is also good here.

ANIMAL FOODS: Some may disagree but i find that some types of meat (mainly lightly cooked ret meat or liver) may feed this center too.  They can bring courage to face up to things that may be discouraging.

Another interesting aspect with heart chakra food would appear to be HOW it is prepared.  Everyone knows that good food tastes better when it was made by your mom or grandma.  Grilled food tastes better when your dad cooked it at your family home.  Love IS an energetic presence and it is spread into anything it touches.  If this happens to be food, then the vibrational rate of the food shows it.  Believe it or not, even the method of growing the food comes into play here.  Healthy gardens produced by caring people will create better food.  This applies to all foods, not just heart chakra foods.  And last but not least, HOW you eat really matters.  A lot of us try to be so “healthy” that we stop enjoying ourselves.  We start worrying about whether a certain food is good or not for us.  Food is meant to be enjoyed.  So create a good dish with some green vegetables.  Maybe bless it or say a prayer before you eat.  Leave the T.V. off.  Eat in silence or talk with a close family member or friend.  All of these things will nourish your heart center.

Today, I decided to create a bowl of steamed fingerling potatoes, brussels sprouts, and thyme.  A little olive oil or butter mixed in.  Tomorrow I will be going over the 5th chakra, representing your thyroid, throat, and center for expression and voice. Enjoy.



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