Chakra Food Series: 5th Chakra


On we go.  The 5th Chakra represents the throat and thyroid primarily.  The color for it is blue.  Organs and glands associated are primarily the thyroid, glands, neck, jaws, etc.  If you have problems in this area you may have issues with your thyroid or have some TMJ or stiff neck.

So now that we know a little bit about this, how do we feed it energetically?  The 5th chakra basically correlates with our ability/choice to express ourselves.  This is done through voice, singing, laughing, yelling, etc.  We have a lot of emotions in our bodies.  Maybe you get mad at somebody but you don’t speak up about it.  The energy will be suppressed.  Long-term suppression of things can lead to thyroid and other issues.  This also would represent other expressive arts.  Things like journaling, drawing, writing, playing music, sports, etc.  Anything that can be used as a creative outlet for what you are feeling on the inside will help this chakra.

So what about food?  One thing that you will notice is that as you go up the scale, food to fuel the energy centers gets lighter the higher up you go.  Fruit seems to resonate very well with this area.  However, not necessarily the super sweet fruits as the 2nd chakra did.  Tart fruits are also incorporated.  Also liquids are very helpful for this area.  Think fluidity, expression, sensitivity.


PLANT FOODS: apples, blueberries, plums, pears, peaches, kiwi, lemon, limes, asparagus

ANIMAL FOODS: light flaky fish.


So as a rule, heavier foods tend to somewhat overburden your upper energy centers if you can’t burn through them.  This is why you often hear not to eat too much meat or starch.  There is nothing wrong with them as far as food goes.  However, you want to be sure that you are not consuming in “excess” of what your body burns through on a regular basis.  You also don’t want to under-eat either =)  Tomorrow will be the 6th or Brow Chakra.  This center represents your “intuition” or ability to see things beyond the 5 senses.  I picked up some amazing peaches from the farmers market yesterday so that will be my 5th chakra food for the day.  Enjoy.





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