Chakra Food Series: 6th Chakra


On to Big number 6.  This is one of the two higher chakras that are more involved with intuition and spirituality.  This is where the line between the physical and the spiritual world start to blur.  The best way to look at it is that the bottom 3 chakras primarily relate to the physical world.  The top 3 relate more to spiritual things.  The heart chakra binds the two together in the middle.

So what is the 6th chakra all about?  It is the center for your intuition.  The color is indigo.  The organs/glands related to this system are brain, pineal and other glands, ears, and nose.  Your “3rd eye.”  This center starts to use senses beyond the ordinary 5.  Things like the ability to sense energy, “knowing” when something is right or wrong for you, and really seeing what is real and not real in the world.  And i do NOT mean on an information level.  I mean beyond the mental thought patterns and learned behaviors, what is really real for you in your world.  This is an important area for a lot of people with health challenges.  There are so many “experts” out there that often we listen to all the information out there and get mixed up with what our own body is telling us.  Some people need more rest, some more exercise.  I may be exercising more and utilizing more animal foods than i was a month ago.  These are things that your 3rd eye will communicate with you.  The main problem is that most of us are taught to shut down this center.  “Dreams are not real, don’t trust your instincts, trust the facts, only experts know best,” are some of the things you may hear.  Children know that their dreams and intuition means a lot.  It is how they navigate the world.

So how do we energetically “feed” this center?  In short, we learn to get back in tune with our natural instincts.  How much fear do we have because we doubt ourselves?  We doubt our worth as people, we doubt our bodies ability to heal, we doubt that our job/relationship/school is going to work out.  We are not listening and TRUSTING our brow chakra.  If you start doing work with this center you will start to TRUST your own intuition again.  You will “know” that your relationship is on a good path.  You will “know” if a certain food you are eating is good or bad for you at a given time.  Sometimes this means giving up some of our favorite foods.  Other times, it may mean ending a relationship that you were forcing but just wasn’t right.  Ultimately, this means accepting what is true in your world.  This is not an easy thing to do.  Most of us want to look away from traumas, bad health, bad situations, whatever it is.  But honestly, how are we supposed to fix the problem if we refuse to look at it for what it really is?  The body can heal itself from ANYTHING in 99% of cases..  So you just need to figure out what is the block.

So energetic tips for this energy center are : dreamwork, listening to your inner voice, spending time in nature (a lion knows to eat meat, a giraffe knows to eat leaves.)  Also, giving yourself permission to drop the curtain of what you would like the world to be and to see it for how it really is.  Most of us filter life through a lens that allows us to see what we want to see but not always the truth.  It takes time to trust your own feelings so don’t feel bad if it takes a while.  It is a learned habit not to trust yourself, but i can promise you that it is not a “natural” habit.

So how do we feed it through food?  As I have noted, the higher up we go, the lighter the food gets.  Things that fuel this source are the more delicate fruits and liquids.

PLANT FOODS: blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, red grapes, small amounts of red wine, plums. Lavender oil can also be good here.

ANIMAL FOODS: At this point in the totem, animal foods are not really necessary.  This is partly the reason that people on spiritual paths often fast or eat very plan, light food.  Now this does not mean animal food is bad.  The upper chakras are very sensitive and vibrate at a high rate.  If we are bogged down with heavy food, we can’t always see what is going on in our lives.  This is why many people emotionally eat or drink.  Think of the girl mowing down a tub of ice cream or the guy drinking pitchers of beer and pizzas after a hard break up.

So in simple terms, this center is all about using your higher order senses (which all of us have) and trusting in your own instincts.  This often means getting in touch with a higher power (7th chakra) and letting go of a lot of old programming that taught you to listen to “logic” and facts over intuition.  Personally, I feel that the best way to get this chakra moving is to get a really good relationship with God and nature.  You will see how things really work.  Also, just an ability to accept things as they are.  I know I used to spend a lot of time and energy running or hiding from what i really should have been looking at.  So lets all get in the habit of trusting ourselves again.  Trusting that we have the ability to be wise.  Trusting that we have the ability to know what’s best for us.  If something doesn’t vibe with what you “feel” to be correct, then don’t do it.  After a while, you will see that intuition can be one of the best possible guides =)

For the food of the day, I always love fresh blueberries and raspberries.  These are the foods I am eating today to feed this center.  Enjoy.








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