Chakra Food Series: 7th Chakra

English: Sahasrara chakra

English: Sahasrara chakra (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Ok guys, the last chakra is the Crown chakra.  Number 7.  The best way i can describe this area is your direct connection with God and the spirit world.  This is the link that allows you to listen and receive divine guidance from the universe.  Whether this comes from God, nature, ancestors, or your own intuition; this is it.  Personally, this is a very important energy center for me.  In my experience, opening up to the universe on a spiritual level allows us to get in touch with what is real in ourselves and in the outside world.  We “see” what is true in the higher forms of life.  This is of great benefit as we can then use this knowledge to replace our own “outdated” beliefs and ideas.

How do we feed this chakra?  As this starts blending into the spiritual world, we no longer really use food at all to feed this center.  Food connects us to the planet.  Obviously, this is important as well.  Our finer senses are blurred by too much heavy, comforting foods.  On an energetic level we can feed this center through different spiritual practices.  Religious traditions, meditation, fasting, prayer, shamanism, and dreamwork.  Anything that puts you in direct contact with higher energies.  This is not a mental process.  It is a direct experience.  At least that is the goal.  It is hard to drop our human preconceptions and just listen for once without our own mental chatter.  Things like chanting, color and light therapy, sound therapy, and many other ancient practices may help develop this center.


So is there anything we can do to help facilitate this through foods?  My thoughts would say not exactly.  You should remember that up in the higher levels everything is much lighter, vibrates higher, and is less dense.  So eating a bunch of meat and potatoes is not the best idea.  Think light, airy, sensitive.  Things like essential oils, flower essences, natural fragrances, fresh air, clean water, sunlight, etc.  Things that bring in direct energy into your system in a “lighter” form.  These are things that will help purify This center.  Essential oils are “high vibration” substances that can help heal, release trauma, change emotional patterns and more.

Tomorrow I will finish off with an overview of the 7 energy centers and what to feed each one.  It has been a rough few days in my area and tonight I will be using some lavender oil to put me into a nice, restorative sleep. Enjoy.



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