Is Your Life Station Healthy?

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Is your life station(s) healthy?  What do I mean by life station?  This could be where you work, play, sleep, or hang out.  Wherever you spend a good chunk of your time.  This is a much overlooked topic that people seem to not be aware of.  Our environment affects us 24 hours a day.  The things that are going on outside are going to affect the way the inside functions as well.  So a typical environment in a big city may include smog, loud noises everywhere, chemically laced water, EMF fields everywhere, not much access to sun, etc.  This is something that will affect everybody whether we like it or not.  Light is another one.  We evolved with the darkness.  Our bodies are designed to produce a different set of (healing) hormones at night than during the daylight hours.  When we do not shut off the TV/computer, see lights from outside, or get up in the night and flash the bathroom light, we turn off these hormones.  Many would be “joggers” in cities are sucking up exhaust-filled air on busy streets.  This is far from healthy.  This is not to diss cities, It is just harder to control your station there.  If your environment or station is a stressful one, it will be damaging your well-being also.  Living in a bad or abusive relationship, having a boss who is breathing down your neck every day, working with people you can’t stand.  All these create negative environments that cause us to live in stress and not in relaxation.  So what can we do about all this?  Luckily there are some very simple, practical solutions to addressing most of these problems.  I will outline a few of the more basic ones.

-Fresh Air: You survive a few minutes without oxygen, don’t be sucking up fumes.  People spend way more time thinking about the quality of their food and water when air is ultimately the most important nutrient for humans.  Breathing clean air every day will greatly help your health.  Open the windows as much as possible when the weather is nice.  Cross-ventilate your home/work space.  Even in the winter, try to open them for at least a few minutes to get some clean air in your place.  If you live in a city, the best option is really a good air filter/purification system.  This will at least filter some of the city air.  Houseplants are amazing at cleaning the air.  They actually neutralize a lot of toxins and produce clean air for you.  They also add color and life to your place which has been shown to improve your mood.

-Clean Water:  Watch out for city/tap water.  It has chemicals you don’t want in your body.  If you have access to it, go for a good quality spring water.  If not, Opt for a good quality water filter.  Install a shower filter in the bathroom so you are not absorbing the stuff through the skin in your hot shower.

-Sunlight/Darkness: Sun in general is great for people.  We evolved with it.  More and more evidence is mounting about the health benefits of the sun.  So make sure you are not living and working isolated from that.  Let some light in through the windows.  At best, working outside sometimes is great.  Exercising outdoors is also good, as long as the air is clean.  Make sure that you block out most light at night.  Try turning off the computer/TV an hour before you try to sleep.

-EMF’s:  This is a very challenging subject of which I plan on posting about in the near future.  We live in a technological age.  We are learning about how to create wireless technologies faster than we are learning how to control them.  These fields affect you 24 hours a day.  Our bodies were not designed to be in these for long periods of time.  Even in smaller cities, you may have up to 20 wireless networks affecting you at any one time.  In big cities, the levels are skyrocketing.  I heard that these fields are doubling every two years.  We do not know the effects of long-term exposure to these fields.  So try to be very careful with wireless technologies and take adequate steps to protect yourself.  Don’t carry your cellphone in your pocket.  Don’t talk on it unless you have to.  Switch to a landline instead.  Try to spend more time away from these things.  There are a few other basic steps you can take.  Make sure you are sleeping away from plugged in appliances.  Don’t sleep with your phone, computer, radio, etc.  Turn your wireless network off at night.  Use headsets instead of directly talking into the cellphone.  “GROUND” yourself.  This is done by putting your bare feet onto the Earth.  This discharges/protects us from the EMF fields.  You can also get grounding mats that basically bring that same energy indoors.  There are also pendants that somewhat protect you from these fields.  This topic is a big one and one that is sure to attract growing attention in the coming years.

-Stress: Try to avoid being in stressful environments.  Really work on fixing your relationships if you can.  It is worth the time and effort.  Figure out why your boss keeps harassing you.  If it continues, work on finding another job.  If you don’t feel safe where you live now because of crime, assault, etc; then move to a different location.  These factors are always impacting us.

-Color/Richness: Finally, add some color to your life.  Don’t live in a dull, gray apartment.  Put some color and your own personal touch to the place.  Get a piece of artwork.  Rearrange your space every once in awhile.  Play some good music or have good smelling food cooking in the kitchen.  Houseplants and animals can really help a place feel like home as well.  Be careful to keep your pet clean as well if he lives inside.

We want to LIKE where we live.  This is a normal part of being human.  I think a lot of us are taught to just accept what we get.  I read in a magazine once where they polled people on where they would choose to live in a dream house.  Almost everybody polled read something like this:

“I picture a place on some elevated land overlooking a body of water.  The air is clean.  There are a lot of trees and plants everywhere.  I can relax.”

Nobody said I want to live in a crowded box.  We need to start giving ourselves permission to make the changes in our lives that we really want to make.  Don’t settle for good enough.  So get out there and Create somewhere you LOVE being.






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