Make Your Fridge Alive and Your Trash Nasty




I want you to walk to your refrigerator and open it up.  What do you see?  Is there any life in there?  Maybe you have some condiments, sauces, pasteurized milk and cheese, some leftovers from 2 days ago, Gatorade or mountain dew, or some deli turkey for sandwiches.  What do all of these have in common?  They are not “living.”  These are processed foods that have no vitality.  It costs us in energy to process these things.  Now maybe some good quality deli turkey is not so bad, I agree.  But where does your other food intake come from?  Open up the cabinets and drawers.  Is there a lot of bread, pasta, cereal, canned food, snack packs, cookies, chips, and alike?  Does your trash have lots of boxes, bags, bottles, cans, etc?  Does your freezer have pre-made microwaveable meals?  All these are not so good for us humans to eat.  Sure they have calories.  If you are relatively healthy they will give you some energy.  But there is relatively no nutrition and no life force in them.  What is all this “life force” stuff?  My next post will be on vibrational medicine and life energy but for now let’s just say that it “takes life to give life.”  A simple truth in this world is that you have to kill (or help kill) something that is alive for you to survive.  (vegetarians may try to disagree).

SO what do we do about it?  If you want to get healthy, fit, and vital it makes sense to eat things that are alive or at least came FROM life.  So it comes back to the basics.

1. Stock your fridge with things that are “alive.”  These primarily include fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, clean meats, fresh raw milk, butter and dairy (if available and it agrees with you), and avocados or coconuts.  Leftovers and things like homemade soup and stock go here as well.  Your freezer could contain frozen fruits/veggies and good quality meats.

2.  Us humans like to have “food stock” sitting around and rightly so.  There are disasters when we lose power, may have to go without outside sources of food or water for who knows how long.  So the main food stays alive in the fridge, what about the more “shelf-stable” stuff?  Good options in this category would include raw nuts that you soak overnight.  Root vegetables are a good choice.  Raw honey is pretty shelf stable.  These are still living while in a bowel or shelf.  Things like potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc.  Dehydrated fruits, vegetables, and jerky are good storage foods.  Healthy oils also belong here.  Things like cold-pressed olive and coconut oils.

3. Now don’t get me wrong, I have oatmeal, beans, some corn chips, and a few things in bags or cans sitting around somewhere on some long-lost shelf in my apartment.  I just don’t make it a habit of using them.  These are more foods in case of emergency.  The bulk of my diet consists of things from my fridge and freezer.

So what about the trash you say?  Your trash should not be the best smelling thing in the world.  There should not be wrappers from McDonald’s, pop cans, juice bottles, microwave dinner boxes, and bread bags.  What you should see is a very colorful but fouls smelling mess of things.  You may find that you go through trash bags quicker eating right.  Some things i may see on an average day might include: egg shells, stems from things like kale and swiss chard, apple and peach cores, bags of frozen fruits and vegetables, carrot tops and other vegetable tops i chopped off, garlic peelings, gristle off of meats, and who knows what else.  This is an example of what a trash bin might look like in a healthy home.

So in the end, there is a strong relationship between our refrigerator, our body, and our trash.  It comes from the fridge, it goes into our body, the waste goes into the trash.  Living things bring energy and vitality to your body.  Processed, packed stuff takes it away.  Our bodies were not made to process all of the junk food, chemicals, and “shelf-stable” stuff that we put into it.  So let’s make our Fridge more “alive” and our trash more “nasty.”



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