Is being “HEALTHY” expensive?




This seems to be a topic that floats around a lot.  I’ll cut right to the chase today.  Organic produce, nuts, meats, eggs may be a little bit more pricey than the “conventional” alternative, sure.  You may pay 4 dollars for a bag of organic apples instead of 2.50 for the “normal” ones.  You may pay a dollar or 2 more for your meats and eggs.  However, I will note that farmers market produce is cheaper and better for you in general.  But Isn’t easier to stock up on pop, bread, deli meats, pastas, instant rice, chips, and microwaveable dinners?  I think that a lot of people don’t realize that buying these things is not very productive for them or their families.  First, the nutritional value of these foods are minimal.  They also are “dead foods” (check out the last post).  In the long run, these “convenience” foods take life energy out of our own bodies to process them.  As we get older, more and more of us slip into ill-health and become reliant on pills and medicines to keep us “feeling” well.  Of course, these are not fixing the problem.  So a lot of us end up paying a ton of money on junk food throughout our lives only to get sick from it and end up paying a ton of money later into doctors, medical bills, insurance, medications, surgeries, and screenings.  And this is just the monetary cost.  Lets not forget about the cost of loss of life, vitality, and zest.  People are supposed to feel GOOD, not ok, not so so, but GOOD.  Doing things with your family, friends, seeing the world, doing things you have passion are some of the things that fall by the wayside when we get run down.

Enter the world of “supplements.”  This is the natural health worlds answer.  To be fair, I suppose I have a little bit of a bias here.  I can promise you two things when it comes to the majority of supplements.

1. Most supplements are just high amounts of substances (vitamins, herbs, minerals) that are formulated by somebody else and priced way higher than the actual materials used.

2. Using foods and herbs can supply most of these things for you, and in more potent and fresh doses. For those of you who have ever had freshly grated cinnamon, garlic, or garden herbs; you know that these are a lot better than the powdered version sitting on a shelf for who knows how long.

Now this is not to say that some supplements can’t be useful.  Sometimes, we simply don’t have access to the foods and substances we may need to regain our health.  I have just seen people on massive amounts of these things when they don’t really need them.  If the supplements are not “whole-foods” based, then enters the problem of off-balancing your body.  Some of the few supplements I would recommend are Kelp capsules (a whole food), foods based vitamin C, cold-pressed cod-liver oil (for vitamin D, omega 3’s), and a natural B-vitamin supplement (if you can’t find fresh liver).  Also, certain herbs work very well at different health problems.  Some work on digestion, some on circulation, some are anti-bacterial, some do all of the above.  So focus on the fresh stuff and do a little research on figuring out what comes from what.  Our ancestors didn’t have supplements to be healthy.


Spring water is another good option.  This is insanely cheap considering.  We may pay about 40$ a month so maybe a little over a dollar per day, for clean, living spring water uncontaminated with chemicals, etc.


Finally, we need to realize that a lot of healing tools in this world are free of charge period.  Here are just a few of them off of the top of my head.

-Sunlight: very valuable IF you use it.  It’s free to soak up some rays, all you need is a good book

-Grounding: Again, very valuable IF you use it.  Put your bare feet on the grass (preferably wet grass).  This helps discharge static electricity, EMF’s that have gathered in your electrical system, and absorb the earth’s positive energy.

-Mild Exercise: Helps pump or circulate the body.  Good for most every system.

-Prayer:  More on the spiritual side here, but prayer is one of the most effective tools at bringing peace, happiness, love, forgiveness, and wisdom about your life.  Regular prayer would appear to reduce fear, worry, pain, unforgiveness (all energy draining emotions)

-Tai Chi/Qigong: Mix between exercise and prayer.  Absorbs energy from the environment

-Sleep: Going to bed around 10 pm and up at 6 is the ideal window for most people.  This allows your body to maximize its recovery abilities.

Fresh Air: Breathing in high quality fresh air is a big help as well.  Most of us don’t realize that this is an energy source as well.


So ultimately, lack of health is a lack of energy.  We need to add energy back into the system if we are going to become healthy people.  It would seem that the more basic something is to life, the less expensive that it is.  So focus on the ground level stuff.  Sun, clean air, clean water, grounding, mild exercise, spiritual practice, and fresh food.  “Plug” your energy leaks.  These may include bad food, stressful jobs/relationships, unresolved emotional issues, toxins from your environment/lifestyle, and many more.  After you feel that you have mastered the basics, if you are still having problems, maybe get some expert advice on how to deal with your particular situation.  So in the end, being “healthy” does not have to mean tons of supplements from GNC, paying physical trainers, buying fancy gym equipment or weight-loss supplements.  It just means getting back to the way we were designed to live and learning how to go with the flow instead of against the flow.






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