The Principal of Step by Step



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In our fast-paced society most of us want to accomplish things now, not later.  Just look at the massive amounts of fitness and diet plans promising immediate results.  Things like “lose 50 pounds in a month” or “get a 6 pack in 3 weeks.”  These are all representative of our culture.  We are a “quick-fix” culture.  We want to think that everything can be solved with limited time and energy.  We are not used to putting forth a full effort.  Some of us forget that some things just take TIME.  Regaining your health or achieving your fitness or weight goals do not happen overnight.  Just like building a reputable career or fixing relationships take time, so does our health.  This really works for anything big.  Think of all the people who don’t take the time and energy to fix their relationships, their lifestyle, their jobs, their dreams.  Many of us have the opinion that if it takes a lot of time and effort, it’s not worth doing.  This is exactly the opposite of the truth.  The things that take time are the things that are usually the most worth fighting for.  I think one of the big things we need to remember is not to get impatient.  We are raised to expect instant results and we get easily discouraged when they are not always there.  Things put in motion on very deep levels often take quite a while to materialize.  So don’t be discouraged.  Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Don’t worry if you are not exactly where you want to be.  The more important thing is that you are going in the right direction.  Allow the results to come to you instead of making it something you need to “get done.”  This will alleviate a lot of stress and frustration from your path.  Allow yourself to enjoy the results that come each day and know that you are evolving ever forward in your goals.  Just continue to grow and not focus so much on the “end point.”  We get so focused on the end goal that we forget to enjoy our progress. =)



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