How is your (Non-Food) Diet?

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A non-food diet?  What in the world does he mean by that?  Isn’t diet all about what you put into your body?  Well, yes it definitely is that.  However, most of us think that the food that we fuel our body with is what it’s all about.  This is a very important aspect to health and one that can be explored and analyzed until the cows come home.  I have my own opinions on the ideal diet but that is not what today is about.

What is your OTHER diet?  Humans are designed to have many “energetic inputs.”  Food is only one of them.  Actually, comparatively, it isn’t even that important.  I don’t care how sick you are, if it comes to giving away air, water, or food; you are going to give up the food.  So I’m going to run through a basic list of things we get energy from that do not revolve around food and how to increase energy coming in from each one.

1. Deep breathing clean, fresh air.  This is hard if you live in a big city.  Try a good air purification system or lots of house plants.  Open your windows a few times a day.  Don’t let your home or office get stuffy or polluted.  If you live in a relatively quiet area, just trying to breathe deeply is a huge help.  We need this stuff.  Most people breathe shallow, short breaths.  I know that it takes extra energy at first to breathe long and slow but the benefits will quickly surprise you.  This is probably the most important on the list in my opinion.

2. Clean “living” water to drink.  I will get more into this in a nearby post on vibrational medicine.  Every living thing has vibrational energy.  Basically the more alive and delicate a substance is, the higher the vibration.  Tap water is ok to drink on vacation sure.  On a regular basis, try to drink clean, local spring water.  There are also other water purification systems you can use as well.  Is your water a big deal?  Yea, it is.

3. Sunlight.  We have evolved with this for who knows how many thousands of years.  We were out in the air and the sun moving around.  Obviously, we don’t rely on it as heavily as plants.  Maybe 10 minutes a day for a really light-skinned person.  20-30 for a dark-skinned person.  The point here is not to fry yourself.  Just like you don’t eat high-quality food until you are blue in the face.  The point is mild, daily exposure.

4. Grounding.  A post in itself.  Just like the sunlight, we evolved in almost constant contact with the earth.  It has it’s own electrical energy source.  I like to think of it as “plugging in.”  Walk barefoot in a park.  Sit outside in the grass.  Get at least 20 minutes or so or more a day.  There is no limit.  This stuff sucks EMF’s and static electricity back into the earth from your body.  At the very least, try to walk out in the grass morning and night to discharge.

5. Mild exercise/Qigong.  Mild exercise helps circulate most systems in our bodies.  Overtraining is almost never advised.  Walking, qigong, tai chi, mild biking, mild hiking, etc.  All these help circulate your system without draining your energy much.

EMOTIONS:  There will probably be separate posts on all of these in the future, but for now just accept the shorthand =)

1.  Laughter.  How many of us laugh anymore?  We laugh a little less each year it seems.  Is it that nothing is funny?  Or maybe the way we are looking at it?  Laughing is essential for your immune system and overall health.  It takes the “edge” off, as it were.  It allows us to relax and for our body systems to work without so much tension as before.  Also, laughing is FUN.

2. FUN.  We need to have something fun in our lives.  A relationship, a new toy, friends, games, road trips, whatever it is.  Whatever is fun in your life will provide energy and enjoyment.

3. Good Relationships.  Are your relationships building your energy or draining it?  Are you in a relationship where someone is building you up?  Or maybe they are criticizing you.  Maybe they don’t share your goals and think you should do something else instead. Don’t stay in it.  Good relationships are a very positive thing in life.  Bad relationships will drain you.

3. Relationship with God.  This is a big one that can help you to find all the rest.  A good, honest, relationship with God/nature/Universe will help connect you to the sources of energy and life around you.  Don’t talk so much.  Try to listen more.  We try to tell God our problems and think we know what is best.  Try listening and learning from creation.

So that’s all I got for now.  The main thing here is; lighten up a bit.  Don’t count food as the only energy input that you have.  In fact, you will find that the more you start applying the other forces, the less you will need to rely on food in general.  This helps our health as well.  It also helps mentally, knowing that you more or less always have sources of energy around you.  Most of these are free as well.  So my question for you is…What does your “ENERGETIC-DIET” look like?  How could it be improved?




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