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Ok guys, I have been putting this one off for a while.  But I feel that it is an important one, so here goes.

Enter Vibrational Medicine.  You might even call it the vibrational or living medicine.  My definition would be, “Vibrational medicine relies on the principles that everything alive contains vibrational energy or life force, and if we know how to apply these principles, we can achieve great healing.”

So what do you mean things vibrate?  Everything around us is buzzing with energy.  Sometimes it’s good energy, sometimes not so good.  It is up to us to discern the difference.  There are a lot of very sick human beings right now vibrating at a very low rate.  A lot lower than humans were meant to.  We have sick plants and animals everywhere.  We are eating things that were not designed for our bodies, suppressing our emotions, and not on good speaking or LISTENING terms with God.  So let’s go over some basic facts here.  There are two people i would like to cite here.  The first is in the book “The Secret Life Of Plants,” by Christopher Bird and Peter Tompkins.  This is an amazing book that shows a lot of science, etc on how plants are actually conscious.  They are not these inanimate objects a lot of people think they are.  Anyway, there was a french scientist named Andre Bovis who created a device which allowed him to pick up on the subtle vibrations in food and plants.  He could detect which food was fresher and which had more energy in it.  An engineer named Simoneton took after Bovis’s work.  Here were some interesting things he found.  This matches how I generally feel about diet and energy as well.

1.  The basic human wavelength runs from 6500 to 8000 (ultra healthy) angstroms.  I would bet maybe 1% of the population achieves the higher end of the spectrum.

2. Fruits vibrate from 8,000 to 10,000 and fresh garden vegetables are here as well.  Non-organic food, traveling 1000 miles, and overcooking or microwaving all lead to heavy losses in the vitality of the food.  Think local, organic, fresh if possible.  Interestingly enough, when you freeze fruits and vegetables, they do not lose their vitality when thawed out again.  Likewise, raw dried fruits and vegetables, when allowed to rehydrate for 24 hours regained their vitality.

3. RAW butter and olive oil are high vibrational foods.  Butter is around 8,000 and olive oil is around 8,500.  The only difference is that the butter loses its energy after about 20 days, where the olive oil lasts for years if properly stored.

4.  Here is kicker #1.  This will upset the “raw-foodists” out there.  He found that things such as potatoes and tubers actually RISE in vibrational energy when baked in ovens.  Potato and sweet potato vibrate around 2,000 raw and 9,000 baked.  Obviously, don’t fry them in the oven.  But i don’t know many who would instinctively try to eat raw potatoes =)

5. Kicker #2.  He didn’t have a problem with meat, however…He noted that heavy cooking basically wipes out the life in good meat.  We are talking frying, heavy grilling, etc.  The noteworthy things on his list were fresh seafood, eggs, and very lightly smoked meats.  Fresh ocean fish when eaten raw (sushi, sashimi) gave off a resonance of around 8,500-9,000.  Unfortunately, most of these benefits are lost when heavily cooked.  However, there were cultures using traditional cooking methods such as smoking, light baking, etc that took hours to complete actually raised the life energy of the food.

6. Pasteurization kills food!  Things like raw dairy, raw nuts,  and freshly pressed fruit/vegetable juices vibrated high on his scale.  Raw beet juice was around 8,500 where pasteurized was 0.

7.  Near the bottom of his scale were things like coffee, liquor, sugar, white flour, and margarine, go figure.  This includes almost anything in a box, can, bag, jar, etc.  Processed foods like store-bought breads, cereals, chips, pastries, pop, cookies, fast food, etc.  All of it has 0 life energy which drags us down if we eat it.

So in conclusion, Simoneton thought that to be healthy, humans should eat primarily a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, raw soaked nuts and seeds, and fresh seafood.  These things all vibrate higher than the human being.  Sound familiar?  This sounds like the basic diet of humans for me as well.  Of course different people have different requirements.  But in short, eating food that is full of life is the best way to become full of life yourself.

Ok, I will keep this next section short.  Several people after Simoneton’s time started experimenting with other substances as well.  These included delicate plants such as herbs, flowers, oils, and water.  One man was named Edward Bach.  He created flower essences.  I am not too up to speed on these but I know that somehow he managed to get the essence of the flower into a form that humans can use.  Another was Bruce Tanio.  He had a machine similar to Simoneton’s that measured frequency ratings of plants, herbs, and other things.  Some conclusions:

1. Humans vibrate fairly low compared to plants/herbs/flowers.  Sick humans vibrate much lower on the scale

2. The highest vibrational substances are contained in herbs and flowers.  These can be made into essential oils, tinctures, etc to benefit people.  Vibrational oils and herbs can raise the rate of people.  Interestingly enough, prayer raised the vibration even more.  The same applies to food and water blessed or prayed over.  This brings me to my last point.

EMOTIONS/THOUGHTS: These have an extremely big influence on us as well.  Think of that day you are super excited about getting that promotion, that first date, that raise, whatever in your life that made you very happy.  You probably felt physically good also.  When we are hearing bad news, it literally makes us ill.  A good book to look into here is “Power Vs. Force.”  He found that basically the more negative emotions that people were emanating, the lower the frequency.

In all vibrational medicine is a huge topic.  It includes other things I couldn’t get into today such as color and sound therapies, frequencies of air and water, etc.  Basically the key thing to remember is this:

Everything alive in part gets its energy from the SUN.  The sun is split up into multicolored segments that have different frequencies.  These frequencies vibrate at different rates.  The chakras vibrate with different colors as well as different sounds. Coincidence?  More delicate things seem to have higher vibrations.  My guess is that it is because they get their energy more directly from the sunlight and less from other creatures.  So eat “high vibrational food,” use herbs and essential oils when needed, maintain a positive attitude, deal with any emotional issues, develop a spiritual practice, cultivate love and gratitude, fix any relationship problems, etc.  Also, don’t forget to soak up the free energy all around you through the sun, ground, clean air and water, and keep evolving every day.



3 thoughts on “Vibrational Medicine

  1. Hi again Joe. What about cravings for dense foods like hard parmasean cheese? I crave other dense like heavy breads too. Why? Cooked procesed foods are heavier, like granola bars. Nothing unprocessed is like this. Is it just a need to detox or is a dense vibration pulling or magnetizing it. I feel heavy and am craving heavy now, also very sleepy, (had 7hrs)but at work, 3 more hours.

      • Adora, I know exactly what feeling you are talking about. Real food will not do this i have found. In extreme stress circumstances, I think giving the body this type of food has a calming effect because it slows everything down. The foods I very rarely eat would include granola, roasted nuts/trail mix, organic blue corn chips, etc. I think it may be bugs in the system, I’m not sure. Basically, when we are flowing really well, bad bugs are not happy. I always ask myself a question when I’m craving these things. Have I eaten enough protein/fats/carbs/salt today? If the answer is yes, it is probably not something your body wants. As I get healthier, these cravings have disappeared over time. I have also done a lot of bug cleansing in the past as well so cleaned out a lot of the suckers. I think emotionally stressful events also trigger these cravings. Our body has a memory bank of everything we have ever consumed. I have heard stories of people fasting craving like hot pockets and burger king. Sometimes slowing the healing process is ok as long as we keep evolving =) That is my take anyway.

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