Polarity Reversal?


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What exactly is “Polarity Reversal?”

This appears to be a very complex issue.  Even in natural health circles, this phenomenon is not very well-known.  I have heard a few different names for it.  Polarity reversal, psychological reversal, being “switched,” etc.  A lot of people explain this in somewhat difficult language that requires a working knowledge of the bodies electrical energy system.  I will attempt to explain my interpretation of this condition without getting into a lot of the technical stuff.  So what is it?

We have an energetic/electrical energy system that runs current through our body.  All other animals do too.  Normally, this current flows in a nice, forward pattern.  This is what helps propel us through life, keep us excited, looking forward to the future, and thriving in our lives.  Our energy is moving in its correct direction.  When there is a fear or traumatic response in animals, there is also an energetic withdrawal or contraction of the energy.  This is a protection mechanism.  Most animals do this on instinct, however humans do not so much any more.  We have been taught to trade our intuition and instincts for our logic and mental ideals.  In reality, we need both.  We need to think, but we also need to feel.  So when an animal in the wild runs from a predator, it’s energy shifts.  When the threat is over, the energy “switches” back to normal, freely flowing state of being.

But what if the trauma never ended?  What if there was a continuous “threat” every minute of every day?  This could be an illness, a fear of certain foods, a fear of people judging us, a fear that abuse will continue, a fear that we won’t get that job, etc.  Keep in mind that these are “MENTALLY PERCEIVED” threats and not necessarily real.  For instance, I may have Post traumatic stress disorder from being shot at 2 years ago.  Part of my mind is still stuck there.  So maybe I hear a loud bang and it snaps me right back.  Maybe I was raised to believe that I need to be “perfect” and get my approval from outside of myself.  So whenever I am under attack, I feel a fear based survival response.  We need to deal with these traumas and thought patterns if we are going to have our energy in a forward flowing state.  In reality, people have been abused, raised in an extremely poor emotional/spiritual environment, and taught to sweep things under the rug.

Now in the United States, we usually do not have immediate threats to our lives.  There is no ongoing war at home.  Our lives are fairly predictable.  So why do a lot of us run around with this chronic sense of anxiety and stress?  As stated before, when traumas or thought patterns are not “resolved” they will continue to wreak havoc in our energy and physical bodies.  There is a thing called “spontaneous age-regression.”  This basically just means that when things are stuck in our psyche’s, events can easily trigger us back to those events.  Well what if that was a rape?  What if it was an embarrassing moment?  A life threatening illness?  A death we never grieved?

So what is the nature of energy?  The natural state of our energy is free-flowing and forward.  We build up a lot of blocks and thought patterns that keep this from happening.  This is polarity reversal.  Sometimes, we may have to go back and heal the trauma.  Sometimes, we may need to work on our thought patterns and see if we are really looking at things from a good perspective.  I know that is a hard thing to do here.  We live in a society with rampant levels of junk food, EMF’s, perfectionist attitudes, and more being the predominant environments people live in.  This is a serious problem that often needs to be corrected in order for us to regain our health and lives.  If you are not improving with your health no matter what you try or your relationships, jobs, etc never seem to work out, you may have some polarity fixing to do.  This is called “chronic polarity reversal.”  I believe that far more of us than we realize are walking around in a chronically reversed state.  This is especially true with people who have chronic illness, as this is such a fearful state.  You no longer TRUST your own body.  This is a serious blow to the psyche.  So you say Joe, is there any GOOD NEWS?

There is good news.  While this problem affects probably millions of people and causes problems in all areas of life, it is relatively easy to correct assuming that we have a little discipline and willingness to change.  I’m going to show a few basic things that can help.  The basic problem here is resistance.  Conscious or unconscious resistance/fear.  Remember that there are only 2 main emotions; Love and Fear.  Love will promote free-flowing forward energy.  Fear will always keep us constricted and blocked.


TIPS for resolving this problem in the short-term:

1. Learn about energy medicine techniques such as EFT.  This is a very useful tool for addressing fears, doubts, and releasing worry and pain.

2. Use unblocking techniques as shown.  There are more, but these are a few really easy ones that I have found particularly useful.



TIPS for correcting this problem in the long run:

1.  Learn to be honest with yourself.  If you feel a certain way, don’t hide or run from it.  Go into the pain, anger, frustration, sadness, etc.  We need to feel the feelings if we are to resolve them.  Get counseling for any traumas, past abuses, etc.  Do inner child work to resolve any issues from childhood (even prebirth).

2.  Accept that you have fears and doubts.  Or that you have had traumatic incidents in your past.  Deal with your issues.  And remember, not all issues are conscious.  There is a lot of backlogged stuff that we may not even be aware of.  Use techniques such as hypnosis, life-regression, counseling, shamanism, and prayer to hunt down these unconscious blockages.

Basically, polarity reversal could be said to be akin to living in a chronic-fear or resistance mode.  In order for us to move forward with our lives, health, relationships, jobs, etc, we need to let go of this fear.  So again, this topic is very complex but I hope that this sheds some light on this often overlooked problems in people’s lives.



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