Chasing Health Or Chasing Disease?



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Are you chasing health or chasing disease?

Are you trying to find the exact causes of your “illness,” relationship problem, career problem, etc?

Maybe you are dealing with bacterias, parasites, virus’s, toxins A,B, and C, food intolerances, whatever.  The answer is to be afraid of all of these things and to treat them individually right?

ERRR..My opinion is no.

What does chasing health look like?  Chasing health means eating AND enjoying amazing, good quality food, good friendships, loving YOURSELF and others, experiencing the ups and downs of life, laughing, and searching after things like Joy, peace, relationships with God, nature and family, keeping a fit, healthy body, becoming a more independent, powerful person, the list is endless.  You see the color and richness in your life even in the worst circumstances.  You accept a lot of your challenges as learning and growing experiences.

What about chasing dis-ease?  Heading to lots of doctors, taking a lot of drugs, wondering what different bugs are doing to you, chasing down and fixing the “symptoms,” listening to experts and not your inner wisdom.  Do you always think about what is “wrong” with you and try to search it down?  You are very fearful of the things out to get you.  You are just waiting for the next bad thing to happen.  Maybe you are waging war on bugs in your system.  Maybe you have bad mental patterns.  You live in fear and defense and not in love.

So it’s not hard to see the difference here.  Your reality and your body will attempt to create what you think and feel.  If your intentions are set on good health, longevity, peace, happiness, and things of that nature; that is what will be drawn to you.  If you are always looking for what is wrong with you, you will find it guaranteed.  This is especially true in the new age of fancy testing techniques.  Something will always be “off.”  We can either choose to generally chase what is “off,” or choose to focus on what is positive.

Having said that, I would like to state that there are certain issues that must be dealt with.  I just don’t believe that we need to deal with them in as detailed of a way that a lot of us do.  What are these things?

– mental/emotional/spiritual traumas or faulty thought patterns:  Sometimes, we need to go back and heal our past incidents, abuses, traumas, or faulty thought patterns in order to heal.  Often times this leads back to stuff that happened as kids or wounds that society has placed in our spirit.  Things like “I’m not good enough,” etc.  Most books I have ever read on mental/emotional work focus mainly on one thing: Loving and Accepting yourself.  You have to remove the wounds that are stopping this from happening if you want to be healthy.  These wounds are just as real as physical wounds.

– physical toxins: most of us have spent many years eating junk food, drinking alcohol, chemicals, lotions, breathing in smog, whatever it is.  Most of us also have some form of bacteria’s, parasites, and virus’s in our systems creating toxins.  These easily overburden the organs of elimination.  I don’t believe that we need to focus on all the if’s and buts here.  Don’t chase individual toxins and see what you “have.”  Do some basic cleansing work.  You only have a few ways toxins leave the body.  Colon, kidneys, liver, lungs, skin.  I don’t believe people need fancy supplements for this.  Get or even make your own herbal preparations at home.  Some people really backed up require things like liver flushing, etc to get things moving again.

-Bugs: most bugs will naturally fall away assuming we implement the lifestyle changes that make it impossible for them to live.  I realize though that there are some very tenacious little buggers that need some extra “help” if you will, in leaving the body.  This can also be accomplished through herbal preparations most of the time.

So, bottom line:  The only main causes of illness are usually lack of “LIFE” coming into the body, and an excess of “NON-LIFE” that cannot leave the body.  This is created by bad food, toxins, blah blah, emotional blockages, etc.  But focusing on what is wrong 80% of the time is not the answer.  I would like to advocate a more realistic and healthy 20% of the time.

So 80% of the time, focus on health, happiness, love, peace, etc.  20% of the time, go into the deep, dark, unpleasant work that sometimes needs to be done.  I am definitely not one to ignore what is “wrong” but focusing on it all the time is not the way to go.

So let’s stop chasing dis-ease and start chasing health again.



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