The Health Benefits of Smoking and Drinking


Indian smoking pipe


Has he finally lost it?  The HEALTH benefits of smoking and drinking?  But we have been told our whole lives that this is bad for us.  People end up with liver disease and lung cancers every year right?

This is definitely true.  While I do not blame liver and lung disorders and other health problems solely on these things, I am sure that they do contribute.  Along with the fried foods, the vegetable oils, the pasteurized dairy products, stress, and generally unhealthy lifestyle.  But these are created in general because of two primary factors that I can see:

1. The products people are using are not natural at all.  We are smoking cigarettes laced with chemicals, fancy flavored cigars, bottled sugar drinks, watermelon vodkas, drinks mixed with coca cola, etc.  These all have very bad things in them that you want to stay away from.

2.  These things in general have a tendency to be abused.  I won’t argue with this one.  But since when was junk food just not as addictive?  Look around and see that people are just as hooked to bad food as they are to smoking and drinking.  Anybody with an addictive personality or someone who has trouble with substance abuse or cravings should obviously get some professional help and avoid these things until the mental/emotional side of things is ok.

That said, people in almost all areas of the world have been consuming smoke and drink for thousands of years.  Not in the form we know of today though.  These people smoked organic, natural tobacco, homemade beers, wines, and liquors.  Of course there was still the local drunk who could make everybody look bad, but this is not what I am talking about today.

Have you ever had a drink of fine whisky on a crisp, cool night?  Maybe being outside with friends or family relaxing and having a good time.  The same thing applies to a fine cigar or organic pipe tobacco.  So really by benefits here, I mean in very small doses.  There is something about these substances that relaxes us.  It takes the edge off.  It makes us more at ease.  And for those of us trying to be as healthy as we can be, it lets us know that we don’t have to be “perfect” all the time.  We can do something that  is not the greatest without it harming us too much.  The benefits of that mental shift far outweigh the negatives of the tobacco or alcohol.  Now this is a problem in a country where most people are stressed.  We are more likely than ever to abuse these things.  I won’t argue that large doses these things are bad for us.  Here is what i am propagating:

1. Limit this stuff to a few days a week maximum, maybe on a weekend.  This prevents it from becoming too much of a daily habit.  If you can’t stick to this rule, maybe this isn’t for you.  Don’t drink or smoke within a few hours of bedtime, as this will interfere with sleep quality.

2. Choose only high quality, natural products.  Ideally organic tobacco, liquors, homemade beers and wines.  Traditional beers were often fermented and had other healing properties to them.

3. The point of this is relaxation.  Currently, I don’t drink alcohol.  But I do enjoy the occasional smoke outside talking about life. If I choose to add in alcohol, it will probably be stuck to 1 day a week.  Again, we are talking 1 drink here, not 7.

I have seen many studies on alcohol and health.  It seems that these things are the same as anything else.  I would say good options here are a glass of good quality red wine a few times a week, an organic liquor, and good pipe tobacco.  If you feel that the negatives are outweighing the positives for you, then don’t do it.  I think most people will find that being able to enjoy life a bit and be SOCIAL at the same time far outweigh the downsides here.  Again, if you have a serious health condition, I would advise not taking my advice =) but consult with your doctor or own inner guide before implementing this HEALTH promoting strategy into your life.



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