Do We Complicate Things? Living Healthy on A Budget

Herbal supplements

Do we complicate health?  Do we make it more expensive than it has to be?

Not just the medical field, but the natural health field as well.  Medical has it’s own list of problems that I won’t even get into here.  This is more about the “natural” stuff.

Things like junky protein bars and shakes, “diet food” like soy burgers, packaged food you can’t pronounce, “fake” cookies that are gluten-free, etc.  This also includes supplements.  There is a supplement for everything.  Every vitamin and mineral out there. Don’t mind that you can get most of this stuff from food.  Do you want to detox? Here take this supplement.  Do you want to get healthy?  Here take this supplement.  Ok, for perspective I will show you the things I am advocating.

REAL food and herbs as supplements.  There are so many healthy foods out there to choose from.  This did not used to be a big chore.  The formula for health isn’t that complicated.  We just have been programmed to think that it’s complicated.  Now, of course, some people have issues that need expert advice or specific programs but the general formula is pretty basic.  Our ancestors didn’t even really have to try very hard to do this.  It was just part of life.  Things like eating fresh, local, organic food.  Breathing fresh air, getting exercise, drinking water and not pop or pasteurized dairy, and getting lots of sun.  They didn’t know the specific compounds and “science” behind it.  They certainly weren’t shelling out tons of money for powders, shakes, packaged foods, and supplements.  There has been medicine “supplements” around for a long time.  They are called “herbs.”  If you look at supplements they are usually one of two categories. A.  dried herbs exponentially priced and B. vitamins/minerals (usually synthetic).

From a mental/emotional/spiritual perspective we have lot’s of self-help books, counseling, etc.  Sometimes these are not so bad a use of our money.  It really depends what issues you are working through.  In my opinion the two biggest issues we need to deal with are A: Loving and accepting ourselves and B: Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable enough to deal with whatever things we are facing.  Again though, you have to remember that ancient cultures had these practices too, and they didn’t cost much.  We have the power to form a strong spiritual practice such as prayer, shamanism, talking with friends and family, the chakra system, inner child work, etc,  and deepening our relationship to God and the Universe.  These are things that take time to cultivate but are often what are needed for us to regain our health.

So how do we live healthy on a budget?  This is something I have dealt with over the years but the funny thing is that the more I learn about health, the LESS i end up spending on it.  Here are some tips to start getting more out of your dollars.  Being or getting healthy does not have to require an extremely large bank account.

1. Put LIFE in:  A lot of these sources are free.  Breath lots of fresh, clean air.  Drink clean water preferably spring water.  Lot’s of sunshine.  Ground to the earth a lot.  Eat whole fresh foods and superfoods.  This is probably the most expensive step, however; going to farmers markets for fresh foods and preserving them in root cellars, freezers, etc is an awesome way to get cheap organic produce year round.  This is far less than even traditional grocery store organics sections.  If you REALLY want to go a step further, learn a bit about organic farming and animals.  Start a vegetable garden or get a chicken coop for fresh eggs.  Also, remember LOVE, peace, laughter, joy, friends, family, etc.  Develop a good spiritual practice.  These are all sources of health and happiness that hopefully do not cost money.

2. When ill, use old-school methods to heal.  There are several good herb companies out there.  The one I use is “Mountain Rose Herbs.”  This allows you to buy fresh herbs at an extremely reasonable price.  Several of the herbal formulas I use I have formulated with single herbs at maybe 1/10 of the cost of buying some supplements.  1/10 of the cost and probably 10 times the amount.  Fasting is an old-school method but you need to be very careful with this one.  A lot of us don’t have the organ and nutritional stability to fast.  You may look into lighter methods such as juice-fasting for a day, “bieler broth,” or intermittent fasting.  Just feel out how your body likes.  The point is not to starve or weaken yourself.  On the energetics side, use free techniques such as EFT, prayer, shamanism, etc.

From my perspective, there are only 2 main causes of “Dis-ease.”

1. Blockages.  This includes physical blocks as in spine, gallstones, kidney stones, sludge anywhere in the body.  This also includes emotional/energetic blocks such as fear, unresolved traumas, chakra issues, issues with God, not loving the self, etc.  This also includes chemical processes in the body that don’t happen due to lack of nutrition which leads to my next topic.

2. Lack of LIFE:  We get our LIFE from the earth.  It sounds so simple but it is really that simple.  Lack of sun, deep breathing clean air, exercise, clean water, grounding, and processed food contains NO LIFE.  It only makes sense that to get healthy again we need to inject ourselves with as much LIFE as we can.  Animals do not come down with chronic disease in the wild.  They start getting sick when we start treating them like humans.  On the mental/emotional side we need to feel love.  We need to have laughter, peace, fun, and relationships.  All of these put life into the system.  We are fed by so much more than bad quality food.

So what is the point to all of this?

For the best bang for your buck, buy the cleanest water and food you can from local farmers markets if possible.  Get ahold of some good quality herbal formulas that you can formulate yourself.  Get a good spiritual practice going.  Let yourself be vulnerable.  You need to be vulnerable sometimes to heal.  Deal with any traumas or emotional issues.  Basically, unblock whatever is gunking your system up and then PUMP in LIFE.  Your body knows what to do with the rest.  Animals on the planet don’t need all this fancy stuff to stay healthy.  Life yields Life.



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