Circle of LIFE and Lion King HEALTH


The Lion King (musical)



Little controversial today.  Does anybody remember Lion King?  It talks about the circle of life.  The circle of health.  The life energy that is transferred from one living organism to another.


How do we get life?  We don’t create life to give us energy.  We take in life for energy.  Let’s look at some ways to take in life?




-Fresh air


-Clean water








Now honestly, I am all for living a lot more off of the other categories and less off of food.  This would save people a lot of money and feed the planet easier.  But this is a down and dirty post today so I’ll get right to it.


Food can be split up into “supposedly” different categories.  These would include what people call “PLANT” foods and what people call “ANIMAL” foods.  Now, I know that these categories of life evolved separately.  These are simply different branches of life.  I believe that all life comes from a higher source.  It has always been this way as long as we can remember.  So why do we think these two are different?  I mean once again, if you feel best eating primarily vegetables that is amazing and you should.  Personally, I feel best eating primarily fruits, vegetables, some plant fats, and smaller amounts of animal proteins/fats.  I eat how I instinctively feel to eat.  However, people need to realize that “killing” plants is the same thing as “killing” animals.  Plants feel pain, they are conscious, and very intelligent.  Read “A secret Life of Plants.”  All animals eat other animals.  Huh?  But i thought a lot of animals are herbivores?  Very true, but what is contained on those plants are billions of tiny “animals” called bacteria.  Even “vegans” eat animals in the form of bacteria daily.  You just can’t avoid it.  And who am I to say that their life is less important than a cow or a chicken or a fish?  The bottom line:


“Something has to die so that you can live.”


I know that this is a hard truth to swallow but it is the way our natural world is set up.  And if you believe that the world was created by a powerful being or intelligence, then this is what they designed the world to be.  Now again, I think the right action is to listen to our own bodies and eat what they need.  I just think this whole argument that has been carrying on for what seems like forever is very silly.  We all eat plants and animals: we all eat life.  I think we should stop fussing over the “difference” between the two and instead focus on honoring the life we take into our bodies.  Eating mindfully.  Eating with gratitude.  If i sit down and eat a large plate of vegetables I pull out of the ground, I will bless it the same way I would eating a piece of fish or chicken.  By honoring whatever we eat, we acknowledge the life it took for us to live.  ALL animals and plants do this to some extent.  Whether we take it from the bacteria, plants, animals, it doesn’t really matter to me.  Everything is just different manifestations of LIFE energy in different form.  By respecting that life, we respect how we treat that life.  This would include growing conditions and soil conditions for plants, as well as humane environments and healthy lives for animals.  I’m not sure why humans have been placed at the top of the food chain, but we are.  We need to start using our leadership role to really heal the planet and see ourselves as more keepers of it rather than rulers of it.


What I do have a problem with is mindless killing of anything.  Hunting just for sport to show my EGO I can get the biggest deer.  Killing big fish just to put them on my wall.  I would feel the same way about not using plants in a correct way.  Ultimately, I respect life and ALL of life.  What is in your “circle of life” today?





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