What Do Humans Live On ?


What do humans live on?  Well, different animals require different things.  If i was a plant, maybe i would only require sunlight, fresh air, and somewhere to hook my roots into.  If I was a lion, maybe I would indulge in a fresh kill every day.  But I am not a lion.  I am a human.  So, looking through the past; what have we subsisted on?  I’m going to try to put this in the order of most importance to least important.  These will shift sometimes depending on what needs have been satisfied already.

Let’s look at the basics first.

1. Clean Air:  You don’t get much more basic than this.  We all fuss about food a lot but in my opinion, this is far more important. Making sure your air is clean and that you are breathing deep, full breaths all day is an amazing step for health.  There is a reason most ancient healing traditions include breath work as one of their fundamentals.  If we do not achieve this first step, the others will be much harder.  We cannot live for more than a few minutes without this stuff.

2. Clean Water:  Most people don’t drink enough water.  We choose “fake drinks” such as sodas, lattes, energy drinks, pasteurized dairy, bottled fruit juices, etc.  Even the water most people drink is chemical laced tap water.  This stuff is critical.  A lot of people in the world don’t have access to good quality, clean water.  So if your spending 100$ a week on organic food, seriously consider whether you can budget 50$ for a month of high-quality spring water.  Next to fresh air, sun, and grounding, this is probably the one of the cheapest sources of health.

3. Organic Food: Note that food is #3 on my list.  Of course it is still very important to our health, but I would just like to note that numbers 1 and 2 are far more important.  Eat fresh, organic, whole foods.  Preferably locally grown.  Preferably still, grow them yourself.  This is cheaper and more sustainable.  Don’t buy into these fancy “health food products” such as bars, shakes, boxed dinners, etc.  Buy real produce, organic meats, etc.

4. Adequate Spinal/Nervous system communication.  Chiropractic can help here.  We need communication linking our brains, bodies, and nervous systems.  These also control hormones and pretty much every vital function in the body.

5. Emotional/Spiritual Health: The choices start getting tougher here for me, but I think this is next for me.  Once your basic physiological needs for survival are met, we start thinking a little more long term.  Stress is a killer, we all know that by now.  But how many of us put it into practice?  All ancient cultures have valued this work.  Shamans, holy men, counselors, Prayer, etc.  Wise peoples have always known that the mind and spirit affect our health a lot.  This is very overlooked today.  If we are not healthy mentally, energetically or spiritually, our physical health will eventually begin to suffer.  This is basically free to do on your own from a monetary standpoint.  However, good counsel, mentors, and people to share with are invaluable.  This step includes the quality of your relationships, family, friends, romance, etc.  Joy, peace, and happiness also belong here.  Many people spend their whole lives working on this.  Don’t skip this step.

6. Movement:  We need exercise.  We need to circulate our bodies.  This does not mean overtraining, getting “JACKED,” etc.  Think volume and quality over craziness here.  Things like brisk walking, light jogging, hiking, light bicycling, swimming in clean water, light calisthenics, qigong, tai-chi, kayaking, etc.  Most of the time, do not push yourself to your maximum capacity.  Allow your body to evolve how it sees fit.

7. Sunlight.  While we are not plants, we have evolved with the sun for a very long time.  There is a reason that we tend to picture tan people as “healthy” people.  Not every tan person is necessarily healthy, however on some level I think we intuitively believe this.  More and more studies are coming out showing the beneficial effects on the immune system of Vitamin D and the dangers when we lack it.  It feels good sitting in the sun.  A lot of us just have been programmed not to do it for fear of skin cancers.  Obviously, you don’t drown yourself in good drinking water.  Don’t burn yourself in the sun.  The best thing is to get a little bit a day.  If you are light skinned you may need 10 minutes.  If dark skinned, maybe 15-20.

8. Grounding.  Like the sun, we evolved with this just as the other animals.  The earth has its own electrical charge to it.  Every other animal walks barefoot.  Birds attach to trees, plants, etc.  Things in the oceans and rivers are connected to it through the water.  When we wear footwear all day, it limits our connectivity to the earth.  This is a relatively unknown field but I’m sure as the science catches up, we will find out more about this.  I’m not advocating going barefoot everywhere.  Just sit outside with your feet on the grass for 20-30 minutes each day.  Read a book, write in a blog, relax with friends or family, whatever.  This discharges EMF radiation, decreases inflammation in your body, and helps realign your electrical system after being with computers, cellphones, and wireless networks all day.

So these are my 8 steps.  These are the main things humans live on.  All of them pump energy into our bodies.  So my goal here is to get people to see that there is a lot more than what we eat going on here.  There is a lot more than exercise or sunlight.  We function optimally when we utilize all of these things.  We are meant to have all of these things.  They each offer slightly different types of energy for the human body.  When you put them together, you give the body, mind, and spirit everything that it wants.  And it appears that when you give the body everything it wants, it does an amazing job of being healthy in all areas of life.  Go figure =)



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