Food Files: Wild Salmon

Salmon Fillet

Can you say MM?  Whoever has had a piece of fresh salmon lately please raise your hand.

I do not mean the supermarket, frozen for a year, farmed salmon.  I mean fresh, bright red, flaky, oily, juicy, salmon.  This fish has very high levels of omega-3.  It has good quality protein and fat.  It is an excellent choice for active people.  If you get high-quality salmon you may eat it as sashimi (raw) assuming you have frozen it for a week or 2 first.  Other options would include baking or steaming.  Don’t fry this fish, as it will get offended.  This is especially good in summer and fall.

Vitamins worth noting would be large amounts of Vitamin D, B12, tryptophan, and omega 3’s.  Much better than store-bought, high heated fish oil capsules.  So get out there, get ahold of some high-quality wild caught salmon, and eat your fill.



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