CREATING a Healthy Home

Mill Green House from the lane

What is a healthy life without a healthy home?

I would argue that it is near impossible to maintain a healthy lifestyle without having a safe-haven that feeds you.  People spend a good deal of time (hopefully at least 8-9 hours) at home each day.  So what happens here?  Is this a place of love, happiness, good food, and peace?  Or is there constant arguing, noise, electronics, and stress.  Some of us just think that home is a “house” or “apartment.”  It is a room with 4 walls that physically houses us.  What about all that other stuff?  We need to start looking at the concept of the HOME again.  You can buy a house but you have to CREATE a home.  Lets take a look at some common places that could use work and how we can help them.

1. What are in your CABINETS?  Personally, I use them for storage foods primarily.  This should not be your primary source of food.  Things like pastas, breads, cereals, chips, things in bags and boxes, etc.  These are all emergency foods.  If you want to feed life into yourself and your home then you need to start focusing on the fresh living foods.  Things like fruits, vegetables, good quality eggs and meats, etc.  Things like quinoa, rice, etc can ROUND out the intake, but it should not be a large portion of what is coming in.  Remember, it TAKES life to GIVE life.  Healthy shelf-stable options would include healthy cold-pressed oils (olive, coconut, etc) and raw nuts/seeds.  Root vegetables are also fairly shelf-stable. (potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, garlic, etc).  Drinking clean fresh water over tap water belongs here as well.

2. What are your RELATIONSHIPS like?  Do you have good relationships with your family?  Are there any disagreements or conflicts that you keep putting off resolving and “walking away” from?  Maybe some points of difference that keep rubbing you the wrong way.  This creates a ton of unnecessary stress and unhappiness.  Don’t let this happen to you.  Whatever the problems are, work to fix them.  They will create havoc in your life until they are resolved.  This includes relationships with your children.  “I’m sorry,” “I forgive you,” and “I love you” go a long way.

3.  Where is your HOME?  Are you located in a place that you can comfortably sit outside?  Can you open the windows and breathe fresh, clean air without worrying about sucking in smog or traffic fumes?  Do you feel safe where you are?  Living in a dirty or unsafe environment is terrible for health.  We need to feel that our home supports us in life.  This needs to be a welcoming environment.  Keep your windows open much of the time when the weather is nice.  If you live in a city, consider implementing an air filter or get some house plants.  House plants provide cleaner air as well as good company.

4.  Is your place CLEAN?  Do you walk around in muddy shoes on the carpet?  Do you smoke in your apartment?  Is there dust on your furniture and mold on your shower curtain?  These things are all bad.  Now I’m not advocating being “SUPER-CLEAN.”  This is not about making things spic-and-span per-se.  Just make sure all the basics are covered.  Vacuum once in a while.  Keep up with things so they don’t pile up.

5.  How is your EMF?  This is an ever-increasing problem for all of us.  I have heard wireless pollution is doubling every 2 years.  This stuff affects us in subtle ways that generally healthy people may not even be aware of sometimes.  But surely, it does affect us all.  We did not evolve to be in these conditions.  This is especially true in cities where today people may be in dozens if not hundreds of different wireless networks 24 hours a day with generally no protection at all.  We can’t always avoid this when leaving home but there are steps you can take to protect yourself.  This really is a whole post in itself but I will cover the very basic principles here.  Create a sleeping environment that keeps electronics away from your bed.  No alarm clocks, tv’s, especially laptops, computers, cellphones, etc.  6 feet is recommended.  Turn off your wireless network at night.  If you are really dedicated, you may turn the fuses off to your bedroom at night.  For personal protection, you may get things like grounding mats and pendants (bioelectric shields).  Also, grounding outside is an amazing option for at least discharging some of this stuff.  The ultimately best option here is living in a relatively calm area with very little wireless and giant electrical power plants.

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, but these are the basics.  Being grounded in a healthy home that we created is one of the first steps to becoming healthy ourselves.  We need to be rooted in a place that supports us on all fronts.  So don’t just live in your HOUSE, but create your HOME.




2 thoughts on “CREATING a Healthy Home

    • Yea, you don’t hear much about it in health circles but I can be pretty positive that you won’t find unhealthy people in a healthy living space =)

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