Food Files: Garlic



Garlic blurs the line between food and medicine.  Which is it?  Is it a food, a herb, what?

Garlic is a root plant/bulb that is in the same family as things like leeks, onions, green onions, etc.  It is a pretty hardy vegetable that lasts well in a cool, dark place.  What is it thought?  You can’t just eat garlic by itself, especially raw.  Well, you CAN but…

Ok, so what are the benefits of garlic?  It is one of natures best antibacterial, antiparasitic, blood cleansers, and more.  It has been shown to be effective against heart disease, cancers, blood disorders, parasite infections, brain issues, heavy metals, etc.  I don’t think there is much garlic can’t do.  So how do we enjoy it?

If you are realistically trying to kick something out of your body, or to just keep things from showing up in the first place; try adding some raw chopped up garlic in with some of your meals.  A few of these a day is an excellent prevention or treatment.  Raw garlic is a lot more potent in its bug-fighting capabilities.  Other than that, garlic a lot, sautéing, baking etc are good ways to enjoy this super-food as well.

So forget about that spinach for the day, and get out and eat that GARLIC.



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