Farmers Markets: A Hidden Treasure

If you have a local farmers market: Go.  Stop thinking I will go “next week” or whenever I have time.

These are simply some of the best places to go if you want to get healthy and learn from people already doing it.  This doesn’t need to be a long but I want to shuttle out a list on why we should all use these hidden gems.

1.  It provides fresh, usually organic, LOCAL food.  Not food shipped from mexico or australia.  But local food in your area.  This generally means eating with the seasons and learning more how to coincide with nature.

2.  It is cheap!  Probably not even half the price of even basic supermarkets like Kroger, Meijer, Scotts, etc.  We go with maybe 30 dollars in cash and purchase a weeks worth of vegetables.  And we eat A LOT of vegetables.

3.  The people are amazing.  You can feel that most of them eat their own food as well.  This is not some dead-supermarket with depressing looking people everywhere.  People are alive, fresh, happy, smiling, and enjoying life.  They are not selfish usually.  Most seem very willing to hand out advice for those looking to start their own gardens or herbs.  At the larger markets, there is often live music and just a great atmosphere in general.

4. Unusual Vegetables.  Did you know there are way more than one type of cauliflower?  How about tomatoes?  We just picked up some orange tomatoes.  In fact, I think we had a huge variety of colors last time I went.

5.  Stocking up.  Use it as an excuse to learn a little more about “old-school” food storage.  Learn about root-cellars, freezing, etc.  Store the root crops (carrots, beets, onions, potatoes, sweet potatoes, turnips, garlic, etc) in a cool place.  Buy in bulk and freeze what you don’t use in the fall.  This will not only save a ton of money during the winter, but it will keep local food coming into your body as well.

6.  Local economy.  You are helping support small farmers producing organic food.  This means putting your dollars in their hands instead of giant food corporations.  As sad as it is, I know that a lot of American fruit and vegetable companies now spray a lot of their crops with pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, fertilizers, etc.

So I’m sure there are many more benefits by going to these markets.  They are a place of Life; that is the best way to describe it.  If you have to drive half an hour once a week to stock up, it is well worth it.  So as a treat, I took a picture of what I picked up the last time I went to the market.  I believe there are some green apples, zucchini, collar greens, orange tomatoes, garlic, carrots, and red potatoes.  Everything extremely fresh.




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