Food Files: Sweet Potatoes



I don’t know too many people who don’t like some juicy sweet potatoes.  Either baked in the oven, sliced into fries or chips, or simply steamed with some other vegetables.  The sweet potato seems very humble.  It is a great complex carb if you need it.  Not too many people have trouble reacting to this starch.  Of course some may need to be somewhat careful regarding sugar intake.


Large amounts of vitamin A top the benefits here.  Same as carrots, the yellow pigment has it.  Smaller amounts of other vitamins and “others beneficial things” abound.


Another plus is that sweet potatoes can be stored most of the year, especially in cold storage or root cellars.  They are good food to keep on hand for storage or emergencies.  I don’t eat these every day, but when I have a carb attack or a sweet tooth, they are usually first on the menu.  Personally, I dice them up and bake them in the oven as fries or chips.  I then use a little coconut oil or butter.  Green vegetables if using as a meal.  Cinnamon and a dash of maple syrup if using as a dessert.  Enjoy.





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