Food Files: RAW Butter

Raw Milk Butter

Raw butter is raw butter.

It is the “living” food that comes from cows before it is killed and pasteurized.  The vibrations are still there.  People have been using raw butter and cream for health and healing for thousands of years.  It combines very well with cooked vegetables.  What is this whole deal with the raw anyway?

If you want to think of it as a timeline:

Thousands of years = people eating raw dairy (including butter). VERSUS

100 years = people eating pasteurized dairy and beginning to get serious complications, birth problems, allergies, etc.

Which do you trust?  We need to get back to the old school stuff guys.  The stuff our ancestors have been eating and producing healthy people generation after generation.  Does 1 in 2 people getting cancer in the U.S., half our population overweight, and diabetes, heart disease, stroke, etc rampant sound like healthy people?  I’ll let you decide that one, but I’m a little off topic here.

So what is so good about butter?  It is one of those fats that is easy to absorb by our body.  It contains good amounts of vitamins, a, d, k, and e.  It has great fatty acids.  It insulates and nourishes our nervous system.  It helps provide fuel to build hormones and strong adrenal and thyroid glands.  This is a good high-calorie food when you need some nourishment.

How do you get raw butter?  Unfortunately, it is relatively hard to find in many states at this point.  However, if raw dairy is not legal in your state it is still possible to get this wonderful product.  Check to see if your state has any co-ops or herd-sharing programs.  These will either carry raw butter or raw milk.  If you can only get raw milk (raises hand), you just skim the cream off of the top.  Put it into a mason jar or blender bottle.  Shake for about 20 minutes.  Separate the buttermilk from the butter.  Good exercise =)

So get out there and get some of that RAW butter.



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