Part 1: UNHEALTHY Low-Calorie Foods

First Salad of the Season



You may say Joe, how is low-calorie food unhealthy for me?


What foods am I talking about here?  Mainly VEGETABLES.  Ok, now I probably have you really confused.  So let me explain myself.


I love vegetables.  They provide a large portion of what I eat on a daily basis.  They happen to also be low in calories, high in nutrition, and very filling.  So what could possibly be wrong with this?  Well what goes wrong is when we forget that most of us were not designed to process large amounts of RAW vegetables.  I’m talking about roughage like kale, carrots, root vegetables, etc.  This is mainly common sense.  If you are starving you do not want to eat a giant mound of kale.  You want to eat something soft, mushy, with loads of calories.


We instinctively know that it takes a tremendous amount of energy from our body to process all of this naked fiber and roughage.  Now some people are better evolved for it than others.  And i know all about the RAW-food and enzymes arguments.  Yes raw food enzymes and living nutrition is amazing.  But if it takes you more energy than you get from the plant just to break it down, is it worth it?  No.  It is a NET-LOSS of energy, or LIFE.


So how do we fix this problem?  Eat as many things raw or lightly cooked as your body COMFORTABLY can digest.  Good choices here include fruits, eggs, olive/coconut oils, avocados, nuts, some vegetables.  Juicing or blending foods is an excellent way to get the raw food nutrition without having to process all that fiber.  Cooking is more required for roughage, root veggies, etc.


So just because something is RAW, and “Low-calorie” doesn’t mean it is good for you.  There is a reason soft, mushy, buttery food appeals to most humans.


In part 2 of this series I will discus some HEALTHY high-calorie foods and how to properly prepare them.





2 thoughts on “Part 1: UNHEALTHY Low-Calorie Foods

  1. Interesting. Not sure I agree but I’m open to discussion. Not that I’m a die-hard “raw” fan. I prdfer to make as few rules as possible. Just two in fact: where possible, no fructose without the fibre and no artificial, polyunsaturated fat. Simple really 😉 Kim*

    • Ahh, its all good =) I agree to keep it simple. No rules, just listening to the body. Currently, i can’t stomach too much raw roughage veggies so I stay away.

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