EMF and “Grounding”

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First let me say this is a huge topic with ever-increasing implications in modern life.  I would like to start by painting everyone a simple picture:

Electricity itself has only been around about 200 years.  The Lightbulb less than that.  Modern house wiring less than that.  WIRED internet has been around maybe a few decades for the public.  And wireless has been around maybe 2.  Today, especially in big cities, you may be sitting, working, and sleeping in dozens or hundreds of wireless networks 24/7.  There are also giant power stations all over.  A lot of people sleep next to plugged in items, phones, computers, etc.  So what is the point here?

Humans did not evolve with this type of electric radiation in our environments.  We know all about carbon-monoxide.  Just because we can’t see things doesn’t mean that they don’t harm us.  EMF is a very real problem and we are just beginning to discover the damages to the immune system, our electrical system, and the effect it has on everything else on the planet.  Unfortunately, I personally believe that by the time we discover how harmful these are “scientifically,” a large part of the population will have health problems (especially if you live in cities).  Dr. Klinghardt, someone who’s work I have followed extensively, believes that EMF also affects bugs, mold, and parasites.  They are small organisms and they don’t like the EMF any more than we do.  Except they feel they are under attack, so they produce toxins, mass produce, etc.  So imagine if this is all happening 24 hours a day every day?  Sometimes it is the little things that we can’t always see or feel that have the biggest influences on our health.

So what do we do about all this?  I will be the first to admit that this is a growing problem.  Our major cities are becoming increasingly infected with this sinister type of pollution.  There are still many things we can do to protect ourselves.  I will list them in what I feel is a prioritized list.

1. MOVE.  It is seriously getting harder and harder to be healthy living in a big city.  Everything just gets a little more polluted.  The stress is insane.  EMF fields are everywhere.  There is also relatively little access to fresh air, clean water, sunlight, and quiet time.  However, I realize this is not an option for everybody.

2. AVOID.  This is something most of us can do, although it means changing our lifestyle a bit.  If you chat on your cellphone all the time, stop.  Switch to a landline.  These have far less radiation.  Better yet, switch to talking on an “EMF-free” headset.  These are basically 4-5 foot earpieces that create a nice distance between you and any type of phone you may be using.  We have a headset enabled landline here that we use for most calls.  Try to limit computer time.  Don’t mindlessly wander the computer all day.  Our computers are usually by our wireless routers as well so you are getting the brunt of the signal.  Get whatever work you need done on it and then sit somewhere else.  Try not to spend too much time inside WI-FI hotspot zones such as coffee shops, etc.  Especially do all this within maybe 2 hours of going to sleep.  Too much EMF can severely disrupt sleep.

3. UNPLUG.  This is actually one of the easier ones to accomplish.  Create a 6 foot space around your sleeping area free of plug-ins, cords, chargers, etc.  Better yet, don’t plug your cellphone or computer chargers in the same room that you sleep.  Use battery alarm clocks instead of plugged in ones.  Get a “switch” for your wireless router.  We flip a simple switch to shut off the router every night so we are in less of a field over night.  If you are really dedicated you may shut off the fuses to your bedroom at night.  This prevents the buildup through the walls.  Also, try to limit time with electronic devices such as power tools, hair dryers, etc.  Just don’t try to take away my juicer or blender; I will fight you for it =)

3. GROUND.  This may be a topic in itself but I will give the simple basics of it here.  Everything is frequency.  The earth carries a neutral charge.  We have evolved in contact “skin-to-skin” for who knows how long.  It helps balance and re-stabilize our own electrical systems.  It has anti-inflammatory properties of which we are only beginning to discover.  So what has happened?  We all wear shoes and walk on sidewalks.  Most people forget what grass on their feet even feels like.  We need to start remembering.    This stuff literally “sucks” the static buildup right out of our bodies.  Inflammation and pain usually go down.  People feel less stressed.  It turns your body into relax mode.  I’m not even sure of all the benefits.  A good book on this subject is “Earthing”  Think of it as Vitamin-G.  It is as essential like the sun.  So from a practical sense, you would sit outside with your feet on the (preferably wet) ground.  Relax for about 20-30 minutes.  Ideally, we would be grounded all of the time.  But at least this will help draw out most of the EMF from your own body and stop it from accumulating.  There are also grounding mats that simulate this phenomenon by bringing wired “ground” inside.  We use one of these mats for the computer.  You can also get sleeping pads, although they are somewhat pricey.

4.  Assuming you have done the above steps, there are still times when most of us need to be in these fields.  Whether it is for our jobs, seeing our families or friends, or just going shopping.  So you say Joe, what do we do in these situations?  Well this is a tricky one, but there are a few reputable companies that make pendants that balance out our energy fields.  These are basically akin to having a weak personal “ground” at all times.  They somewhat reflect bad energy whether from wireless, tv, etc.  Some of them can also be used to shield rooms.  There are a lot of knockoff’s so you need to be careful.  If they are cheap, they ARE probably cheap.  Some of the more reputable and reliable companies would include: Bioelectric Shield and Ener-G Polari-T.

5. Balance your energy/emotions regularly.  This is just a law of nature.  If something is already out of balance, it is easier to knock it further out of balance.  Choose to see the sunny side of life regardless of your circumstances.  Go back in the past and deal with any traumas, abuses, or faulty mental patterns.  If you are stressing out all the time, stop and figure out why.  These things affect us all a lot more than we are taught to admit.

6. Eat, breathe, and LIVE well.  This is the basic stuff.  This will help protect you regardless of your situation.  There is some talk that anti-oxidants may protect us from this type of pollution as well.  So think fresh fruits and veggies.  Bright colored things.  Also deeply breathing clean air, drinking pure water, exercise, and plenty of sleep are further ways to increase your protection.

That’s my list guys.  I’m sure it’s not exhaustive but these are some basic tips we can all follow to avoid the damaging effects of this stuff.  Klinghardt has found that if you don’t treat emotions, EMF, and mold exposures first; people usually have to work much harder to get better.  So is EMF a big deal?  I would say so.  It is just more sinister because we can’t always feel it’s effects.  This is simple stuff guys.  It will not dramatically change your life (minus the moving thing).  So let’s all start protecting ourselves from EMF and start living a little more connected to the Earth (our true power source).  I think in all of my research and learning on the subject of health I can cut it down to one little thing:

“We need to just look at nature to see how to live.”

Life doesn’t need help to live.  Wild animals don’t need to know how to be healthy.  Let’s all try to remember that =)





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