Food Files: EGGS

3 egg yolks



Who doesn’t love eggs?  Growing up, scrambled eggs, fried eggs, eggs on toast, eggs with bacon, eggs with pancakes?  All delicious.  Fortunately, I have come a long way from that today.  We have found yet another way to corrupt a good, wholesome food.


So what about REAL eggs?  I’m not talking about dull white, 99 cent eggs from walmart or some other chain or dollar store.  I am talking about rich orange yolks, usually brown on the outside, farm fresh eggs.  The ones raised locally.  The ones that are allowed to forage on worms and critters and not fed GMO grains and kept in cages all day.  Humans have been consuming the eggs of birds for thousands of years.


What about the benefits?  Eggs are generally easy to digest.  RAW eggs are even easier.  (Just make sure they are from a source you trust.)  They contain good quality protein and especially Fat.  The egg yolk is not the demonized thing it has been made out to be.  Egg yolk is actually one of the best substances for your hormones, nerves, adrenal and thyroid glands, and skin/hair.  It is definitely worthy to be in most diets.


Of course some people have egg allergies.  I would suggest trying some “high-quality” eggs preferably raw.  Other ways to prepare them would be light sautéing, poaching, etc.  Just don’t fry them please.  A lot of people find out that they are simply reacting to “fried eggs” or eggs that come from chickens who ate things like gluten, corn, and soy products.  You need to remember, what the animal eats, you eat.


So in all, listen to your body above all else but give the egg serious consideration for a staple in your healthy diet.  Eggs are especially valuable when doing strength training or during a cold winter season.





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