Cleansing and Healing Your BRAIN Naturally

The brain

How many people have ever had brain fog?  A little poor memory here and there?  Maybe we aren’t as sharp as we used to be.  Maybe math and science are becoming a little harder for us to do.  Things just aren’t there as they were when we were younger. Brain and cognitive issues are a huge issue in our society.  Some of us think it’s a normal part of life.  Some of us have health issues contributing to this.  Well it is not normal I can assure you.  Evolution has created us to be sharp.  Without being sharp, we don’t survive in the wild.  Before I begin I would like to go over A basic point.

You will not have much luck cleansing and healing your brain if you continue to do the things causing the problems in the first place.  This could include bad food (especially gluten and pasteurized dairy), GMO foods, pesticide laced foods, fried foods, chemicals from skin lotions, hair products, perfumes, drugs, etc.  Lack of sunlight, exercise, clean water, sleep, and fresh air could also be included here.  Try to avoid EMF fields as much as possible as these will interfere with your own bodies electrical system.

That said, what are some of the reasons for this “brain-fog and mental decline?”  A quick list could include; heavy metal toxicity , lack of exercise/sun/grounding/water/sleep/air, nutritional deficiencies, toxic body, emotional traumas/stress, energetic issues, etc.  Also remember that the GUT has been called the second brain.  If you have gut issues, it is very likely that you will have brain issues.  If the gut is damaged, bad bacteria or parasites can come in and wreak havoc.  So you say what about the tips Joe?

OK OK.  Here is my list.  This is by no means medical advice or a comprehensive list but simply easy ways that the average person can implement some “brain-healing” strategies using natural health.

1.  Exercise more:  Breathe more fresh air.  Strength training is not as helpful here as cardio.  Anything that pumps your lymphatic system will do the trick.  Walking, light jogging, kayaking, swimming, etc.  Mini trampolines are especially good for this purpose.  Remember that part of the problem with every “dis-ease” is always a lack of circulation.  The brain is no different.  Also, don’t forget to exercise your BRAIN too.  Reading books on math or quantum psychics will do this in a hurry.  Throw in a curveball for yourself.  Read something that challenges your thinking every now and then.  Another tip is to do some things with your non-dominant hand.  So brush your teeth with your left hand, chop veggies, use your computer mouse, or even try writing left-handed.  This creates new pathways in our brains.

2.  See a good chiropractor:  Figure out if you have any issues in your upper-cervical spine (neck) especially.  These can lead to problems anywhere in the body including the brain.  No nerve supply and blood flow = no life force coming through.  Basically bad stuff can’t get out of your head and good stuff can’t get to your head.  Home rehab and other similar items can also help here.

3.  Tackle any nutritional deficiencies:  These are rampant in our society.  People don’t seem to understand that we need this stuff.  We have eaten whole foods for thousands of years.  These can be hard to track down though, so I would either get medical testing done or some kind of alternative testing.  Common deficiencies linked to brain function could include Vitamin B-12, Vitamin D, Vitamin A, C, etc.  Your balance of magnesium/calcium and potassium/sodium are also crucial.

4.  Manual stimulation:  Massage your scalp and neck when you take a shower.  This gets things moving very well.  Dry skin brushing and hot/cold showers also work very nicely in this category.  The stimulation of a cold shower does wonders for the whole body.  Just be careful starting out as it is somewhat shocking to the body.

5. Herbs:  What happened to herbs?  It seems that most people in America think that herbs are a little aged, dry seasoning they sprinkle on their food.  I am talking about real herbs.  The herbs used in medicine for thousands of years.  There are herbs for about every purpose but I am sticking with the brain stimulating ones today.  A brain-cleansing kit might include; Fresh ginger, garlic, cinnamon, turmeric, parsley, cilantro, and cayenne.  Anything that could make you sweat or get your blood pumping can help that circulation.

6. Detox:  A lot of the time there are toxins floating around in our bloodstream.  How healthy can our brains be swimming in toxins all day?  Paul Chek once said “our brains are only as healthy as the blood they are living in.”  I think this is correct.  Our brains simply won’t work very well when our liver, kidneys, and bowels are muddied up with toxins.  A good, guided detox program can help you achieve this step.

7. Heavy Metals:  There is beginning to be what seems to be an irrefutable connection between cognitive problems and heavy metal toxicity in our environment.  For prevention; don’t cook with crappy cookware, don’t use non-natural deodorants, lotions, etc.  Try to avoid getting mercury fillings.  Watch consumption of certain fish.  There are natural ways to get these metals out of your body, however I believe this is something you should have a person who knows what they are doing talk you through it.  Don’t skip this step.  Most of us have some form of heavy metal toxicity present in our bodies.

8. Stress:  Tackle any emotional traumas, faulty belief systems, etc.  LAUGH more.  Have more FUN.  Take up a spiritual practice, meditation practice, etc.

Obviously any one of these steps can be expanded and spent more time on.  This is just a basic list to help you get started.  I hope these tips help that brain of yours start “firing” like it should again.  Having a healthy  brain is one of the best gifts that you can have in this world.  Let’s keep it HAPPY.



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