Food Files: Parsnips



Whatever happened to parsnips?  This belongs to a group of long-forgotten root vegetables that somehow we traded out for the “baking potato.”  Now I have nothing against potatoes assuming you don’t have problems with nightshades, but where is the variety?  What happened to the parsnip, the turnip, the rutabaga, the celeriac?


Parsnips are an amazing tasting root vegetable in the carrot family  They are a good alternative to carrots and potatoes if you get sick of them.  Parsnips are high glycemic, so they are best mixed with other green vegetables.  They have good antioxidants, and healthy starches.  There are rumors that this vegetable contains hormone-boosting substances =)  Celery is another in this category.


So let’s all get off of this “potatoes only” bandwagon that we have fallen for in America.  There are so many more tasty root vegetables to enjoy.  Variety is the spice of life.  Let’s get that variety and flavor back in our lives with parsnips.





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