Food Files: Broccoli


Another household favorite here.  I think that a lot of us have connections to food that we ate growing up.  Our family ate a lot of broccoli.  It was a side dish I always enjoyed.  These days, broccoli is a regular part of the menu.  It’s not unusual for me to eat several heads of broccoli in a week.  Other cruciferous veggies are there too, but broccoli is my go to guy.

So whats up with broccoli?  I think everybody knows it’s good for us.  Vitamin C, K, and several other vitamins and minerals abound here.  More and more anti-cancer, blood cleansing, detox boosting, and immune boosting properties seem to be discovered every day.  The best way to prepare this wonder-vegetable is probably to steam it or very lightly sauté.  They also go great in crock-pot meals.  I really can’t think of too many things broccoli doesn’t go well with.

So make broccoli a mainstay in your diet for future health.  Now how many times did I say “BROCCOLI” in this post?



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